Friday 1st June 2012 – Clubnight

Lower than normal turnout tonight, but who can blame anyone for spending a warm evening doing thing other than polishing each other’s egos in our clubroom!

I was somewhat prepared for this eventuality and brought a couple of Audio Visual shows which had been made several years ago and which some of the newer members may not have seen.

First off was a taste of Switzerland and its beautiful spotless countryside and streets.  The must surely be  a lesson here for some of our locals.   Dropping litter is VERBOTEN!     I became acutely aware and permanently cured of littering many years ago when I dropped a finished apple but onto the adjacent grass verge.  You know how it it – that will be eaten by the birds.   No sooner did the apple butt hit the ground than shoulder was tapped by a rather stern local woman muttering in German and expressly pointer her finger at the offending article.   I can tell you, this was the ultimate humiliation required to enact a permanent cure and I lifted the butt and put it in my pocket until I came to a waste bin.   If only we had the gusts to do this locally.   Anyway, I digress…..

The next one was a tour around the Italian Dolomites.    By now it must have been obvious to all that I love mountain scenery.

Darren showed us another in the tutorial series on photography about panning shooting at motocross type events.

Final briefing on Saturday’s club outing to the Railway Society  of Ireland’s premises at Whitehead  was given.



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