Friday 8th June 2012 and Wednesday 13th June 2012 – Clubnight

It was good to see Mark back with us on Wednesday night and he kindly occupied the chair for the evening.

Our main activity on Friday was the usual critique of members photographs.   Its always useful to have another person chair this activity.  Mark’s extensive experience helps everyone.


On Wednesday night we had our usual monthly “Studio Night” where the aim is to give everyone “who remembers to bring their camera“, an opportunity to practice their shooting skills in a studio environment.

Helen’s lovely daughter Linda, agreed to be our model for the evening.  She had not modelled before and came dressed as Tinkerbell, complete with wings!

This was certainly a one-off.  I chatted to Linda to explain what we do on one of these sessions. Meanwhile those with cameras set up their cameras to the suggested starting point, i.e. 100 ISO, F8 aperture and 1/160 shutter speed on Manual control.

Some time was spent helping with the setup of inbuilt flash commander mode or on some others, the wireless trigger or accessory speedlight set to manual at 1/128th power.

The plan tonight was to use only one, or at most two flash heads and experimenting with modelling light.

It wasn’t long till most got into their stride and I was able to spend time with Bobbie and David making some changes to the custom settings on their Canon 7D’s

Alli made a special request to be first to shoot.  It soon became apparent that she wanted to get back to watch a football match on telly.  Huh!!

Linda was thanked for the excellent modelling session and agreed to come back to us. As usual members were asked to supply photos either on CD or actual prints for Linda and Helen.

Once again thanks to Linda and Helen for helping us this evening.


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