Friday 22nd June 2012 – Clubnight

It was a dreadful day weather-wise.   Rain and ales.  It was surprising that anyone turned up at all tonight.

The true stalwarts were there though.

Trevor was first in after me and showed me his new Nikon D3000 which he saw at a bargain price and couldn’t resist it.   I had a look at it with him and showed him how to set up the single centre focus point (with Henry’s help).

From here there was a few minutes instruction and practice in achieving sharp eyed portraits.  Trevor was finding that the auto selection of focus points locked on to unwanted objects.   Hopefully he now can be assured of sharp portraits if he follows the advice.

After this we had a new visitor, John, who had seen our welcome invitation on the Club Website and decided to give us a call.   I spent some time with him, and discovered that he was a Canon user who liked landscape photography and was shooting in RAW.   He used Canon’s DPP software for conversion.

This led to discussion on suitable software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom.   As I had no fixed agenda tonight, I took the opportunity to show him and others the basics of Lightroom and its level of control in developing RAW image data files.

By this time, the memory sticks started to appear at the computer desk and we commenced our usual critique session.  Drew submitted a good selection of sports action shots illustrating a well mastered technique of panning.


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