Wednesday 27th June 2012 and Friday 29th June 2012 – Clubnight


Wednesday Night

Early bird, Eddie was fist off the mark tonight with a request to explain the principle behind the use of Layers in Photoshop.   i said that I would include it in tonight’s session.

Peter supplied a memory stick with a Pictures to Exe of a recent holiday in Bulgaria.   The images were great, as was the accompanying sound track.   While I had the memory stick in the reader, we had a look at  another of Peter’s AVs, this time, Rhodes.  There were some images of the old town of Rhodes but in the main the images were of towns and locations outside the Rhodes.

Edward produced some great images followed by Bill Cardwell who had several photographs of an unidentified species of a bird in flight.   The consensus was that it was a Red Kite.  Our resident birdie man wasn’t present to help us but Angus was fairly convinced on its identity.

Deborah showed us a selection of her images including several taken from the shore line, of a glorious sunset.  She had applied some  unusual post processing and there was a general discussion on its merits.

Other contributors were Angus, Helen and Kevin.   The evening ran well past out 10 o’clock finishing time, but we were to engrossed in the images to notice.

Discussion took place on the method of naming the Old Bangor / New Bangor photos.  The method  was to rename the file using the name identified in Flickr followed by “conparison – Joe Bloggs”

Friday Night.

The numbers turning out tonight seemed lower during the early part of the evening but later the room gradually filled.

First off was a magnificent Pictures to Exe Audio Visual by John Bennett illustrating his recent Norwegian cruise aboard the RCI Brilliance of the Seas.   The photography was stunning, enhanced particularly by John’s good fortune to have encountered great weather for his whole trip.   The normal expectation is for a certain amount of wet weather, particularly in Bergen.     The AV was run for a second time for latecomers.

Memory sticks were few and far between tonight.  Only two were shown.

During the evening I spent a little while explaining to Eddie the use of Photoshop Layers and illustrated the method of creating a new sky on a blank sheet using the Render Clouds filter with the foreground colour set to blue and background to white.     This was added as a layer , stretched and rotated slightly to simulate real clouds. then blended with the original photo.

Harry and I had a look with Darren at the non -operation of the radio flash trigger on Harry’s Canon 60D.

Gerry gave use some further guidance on the presentation of the photos of Old/New Bangor and felt that high quality JPGs would probably suffice.  We re-emphasised the naming convention.

He also mentioned an item on the Club Committee Agenda about having a presentation evening for some local councillors to show them what we do and how we integrate into the local Arts scene.



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