Audio Visuals (AVs)

For discussion:

We are considering holding an Audio Visual Competition in January 2013. We haven’t agreed on any rules, but I am thinking of:
1. Not longer than 5 minutes
2. Completely new, not seen before or entered into any competition or festival
3. An outside judge will choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

In order to assist members prepare their AVs, we are thinking of holding four, 1 hour workshops, on the first Wednesday, from Sept to Dec. Jack Thompson, David Roberts and I will work out the details, but we are thinking of the following:
1. Introduction: Demonstration of the different types of AVs to help members decide what type of Av they want to make.
2. Image selection and preparation. How to cull 100 photos down to a possible 40, and the final selection of around 30. Resizing them for full hd 1920×1080 (16:9) or 1920×1200 (16:10).
3. Selection of appropriate music. Using the beat of the music to link to the slides. Use of sound effects and how these can be added to the music.
4. Writing a script, and recording a narration. How the narration is added to the music.

Just some ideas, still early stages, but all feedback is most welcome.

Photography Books for just 1p

‘Learning the Light’ have put together a list of photography books available on ‘Google Play’ for just 1p each.

1. The Digital Photography Book, pt. 4 – Scott Kelby
2. Picture Perfect Practice: A Self-Training Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Taking World-Class Photographs – Roberto Valenzuela
3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers (Martin Evening)
4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Classroom in a Book (Adobe Creative Team)
5. Photoshop Lightroom: From Snapshots to Great Shots, Covers Lightroom 4 (Jeff Revell)
6. The Ipad for Photographers: Master the Newest Tool in Your Camera Bag
7. Google+ for Photographers
8. Creating DSLR Video

Martin Evening’s book, on Lightroom, is very impressive. It also has links to its accompanying website that has over two hours of video tutorials! All for 1p 😉

Wednesday 4th and Friday 6th July 2012 Clubnight

It was good to see Alan, a prospective new member with us again this week.
Laurence had indicated to me that he was having problems downloading photographs directly from his wife’s and his cameras using the usb cable.

He brought his laptop in on Wednesday and I spent time with him showing him the simpler and more robust method of first creating a folder on his hard drive , then inserting his SD card directly into the slot on the side of the laptop. He wasn’t aware that this slot existed. As I showed him all the steps, he wrote them down for future use.  Hope you find this easier Laurence.

Meanwhile Mark showed the photos from members memory sticks up until tea break. A number of people then went outside to capture a beautiful sunset, some examples of which have been posted on our Facebook section.

Friday evening began with a demonstration of post processing in Lightroom.

Harry and I had been to Clandeboye Estate on Thursday in pursuit of two scenes for the “Bangor Now and Then” project. Harry’s photos were RAW images straight out of the camera and I used several of these to show how Lightroom can help improve ‘as-shot’ images. Our difficulty on the day was in combatting the atrocious underfoot conditions as well as finding a gap at the lakeside to see the Clandeboye House. In the end, it had to be a compromise.

Next Wednesday will be a studio evening so bring your camera and any props you wish. Maybe we will try different types of lighting.