Wednesday 8th August 2012 – Clubnight

Tonight we had Mark Allen taking the floor with a superb talk titled, Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Photography.

Mark undertook this talk as a trial run for a series of presentations to various camera clubs and who better than BNDCC members to tear it to shreds for him!

It was really an excellent talk and some of us offered a few suggestions on improvements as we are often keen to do on club-nights.  It was very surprising and pleasing that were were nearly full to capacity tonight.   The seems to be  a trend on Wednesday evenings.

Tonight would normally have been a Studio night and I had to ask Kevin to pospone his young male model till next Wednesday.   It promises to be a great evening.   Wait till we see how many of our lady members turn up with their cameras.

Gerry confirmed that all the photographs of Old/New Bangor have been completed and he reminded us that we still own the copyright of our own photos.   It was the consensus of those present that the credits in the finished book will be to Bangor and North Down Camera Club rather than a long list of individual members.

A special thanks to Mike Knott who kindly donated a Green Fire Escape sign which I fitted above the door into the darkroom and corridor area.



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