Wednesday 12th September 2012 Clubnight

Well, here we are again,  into the new season of meetings of our club.

It has been pleasantly pleasing that we have had such good attendances throughout the summer season.  Wednesday evenings, in particular, were well supported with up to 36 members in the clubroom.

The summer outings were well attended also, although I was not able to attend them all.  What has amazed me is that throughout the summer we have had potential new members turning up at the clubroom, keen to join.    Maybe the notice on our website that last season’s membership had to be closed due to oversubscription had something to do with it.

Tonight we had two new potential members attend, Colin and Geoff.  Welcome.   Isn’t it amazing how many people were clamouring to find Peter Gibson and stuff a cheque into his hands to ensure a place.

Tonight was led initially by Mark with the first of his scheduled presentations on how to prepare an Audio Visual show.    His first session dealt with the sizing of files for use in the AV.   He talked about the various formats, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and 16:10 which was the preferred format because in the clubroom we display using an HD projector, so sizing to 1980 x 1200 shows best here and also on modern widescreen TVs.  Mark showed a Barry Beckham video which explained formats.

Mark also discussed and demonstrated the optimum file size needed for AV work.  A 360kb image looked identical to a 2.5MB image on screen.  An AV made withthe former  size images puts less stress on the displaying computer.

After tea (thanks Helen for supplying the milk), I spent the rest of the evening until after 10.30pm, displaying and critiquing member’s photos.


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