Wednesday 3rd October

At our camera club on Wednesday evenings we ask members, especially beginners, to bring along up to 10 photos to be projected and discussed. We use ‘Faststone Image Viewer’ to display the photos – as this is a free product.

Discussions about the photo often relate on how the image could be improved. Within Faststone, we can make some global changes with levels, shadow and highlight adjustments etc. However; often the feedback suggests that just one part of the image should be darkened, or lightened, or have more (or less) saturation. This we simply cannot do with Faststone.

In most cases we ask the author what software they are using, and then, try to quickly describe how this can be done with their software program. Everyone has their favourite software program, but once we start to discuss how to do something in, say Lightroom, everyone who doesn’t have Lightroom switches off 😉 The same applies to ‘Elements’, ‘Photoshop’, ‘Capture NX’ and so on.

To make a selective adjustment on just one area of the image – but not the rest – normally involves layers, masks, blending and opacity adjustments. And for many members, especially those new to digital photography (and perhaps computers), this is simply far too complicated.

So; next Wednesday, I will demonstrate Snapseed. This software allows you to quickly and easily make local selective adjustments. It is available for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and an Android version is coming soon. And it’s cheap! Just under £13 for the Windows or Mac version. Just £2.99 for iPad/iPhone.

Once you see just how easy it is to make local selective adjustments, and how such adjustments can really improve your photos, I think you will be hooked!


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