Friday 28th September 2012 – Competition Night – Open

The judge for the first competition of the season gave the members of Bangor and North Down Camera Club some food for thought.

John Belshaw of Shorts Camera Club offered thoughtful and constructive comments on each print and image in the contest and made it clear that it was the finished product he was judging. He wasn’t really interested in the how and why of the shots; enhancement , in his opinion was perfectly permissible if it improved the photograph.

Size, he went on was not an issue either – a small picture could be every bit as valid and effective as a big enlargement. On the subject of landscapes John reiterated his belief that almost invariably a scene could be improved by the inclusion of a figure – human or otherwise.

His remarks certainly gave food for thought to the packed headquarters at Ward Avenue. It was encouraging to see new names on the winning list and the Foundation section certainly has received a boost from the healthy influx of new members this year. Curtis Irvine won the Monochrome competition with a mother and baby shot while Michael Rice got close up and meaningful with a macro examination of a spider and a fly in colour.

Alan Hartley, the Competition Secretary looked suitably abashed when he had to announce his own name as the winner of the Advanced Colour section ; his beach scene merited high praise from the judge. Noel Maitland’s simple but so effective portrayal of a beach pebble took the arbiter’s eye and the number one spot in Monochrome.

The Digital Projected Image competition attracted a large entry, Leanne Kerr displaying a freshness of approach with a shot of a human eye framed by the bottom of a bottle. This earned her first place in the Foundation battle with Daniel Hughes capturing the ephemeral nature of dandelion seeds to earn the plaudits in the Advanced competition.

John Bennett


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