Friday 5th October 2012 – The Lighter Side of Photography

In a divergence from the published programme (due to unforeseen circumstances) the members of Bangor and North Down Camera Club had to provide their own amusement and entertainment on Friday evening and they proved more than equal to the task.

The club President Gerry Coe opened proceedings with a display of “antiques” he had rescued from the clubhouse loft. Some of the artefacts required explaining to the younger members who had never experienced the delights of a wet darkroom. Developing tanks,changing bags and the mysteries of noxious smelling chemicals brought knowing smiles and nostalgic nods from the pre-digital membership however.

Club Chairman Harry Watson then introduced a light hearted rolling debate on “The Lighter Side of Photography” inviting Gerry Coe to relate the story of his first camera. It turned out to be an Ilford Sportsman which took a roll of 12 pictures – five of which he shot on holiday that year and the remainder on next year’s holiday!

Julie Campbell then spoke about her favourite photographic publication which turned out to be mainly in the local library. John Miskelly’s topic required him to explain why he had taken up photography and it transpired that it all began for him  when he was given a camera by his uncle. He still has the camera.

Henry Doggart explained why his favourite subject is photographing people, especially in city centres, a pastime not without its inherent problems – especially when people don’t want to be photographed. Mark Allen maintained he didn’t have a specific favourite for his lens but liked landscapes; David Roberts explained what he did with his cameras when he upgraded  them while Jack Thompson considered modern photographic developments to contain both good and bad elements.  Bill Nesbitt said he would miss both passing on and receiving advice and tips if he had to give up photography while John Bennett averred that his favourite model would be The Incredible Hulk!

Trevor Craig, even after all his travels is still looking for the perfect picture but never really expects to find it  while Kevin Neupert maintained that a really good picture can sometimes e the result of an accident.

All a bit tongue in cheek perhaps but a good night’s fun nevertheless .

John Bennett


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