Wednesday 10th October 2012 – Clubnight

Another excellent turnout tonight.

We welcomed a gentleman by the name of Glen whom I met a couple of Fridays ago at the Newtownards Traction Engine Club.

As promised, the early part of the evening was dedicated to instruction on mount cutting and practice for two of our new members, Geoff and Stevie.  They both brought along a mount board and some A4 sized prints.   By the end of the session both had become competent in cutting mounts.

Mark then took over the session and gave a great practical demonstration of Snapseed to do local adjustments to photographs, i.e. brightness, contrast, sharpness, local focussing and vignettes.   This piece of software is available for iPad and iPhone for about £2.99  .    There is an Apple Mac version for £13.99 and also a Windows version available.  An android version will soon be available too.

Following our usual teabreak and networking (chatting) we resumed with viewing and providing feedback to those who brought photographs on memory sticks.   Although we do this every Wednesday evening, the feedback we get  from members is that this can be a valuable source of learning.   As usual, time beats us before we can complete them all.   Sorry, Davy, we didn’t have time to see your latest Audio Visual, but sure you can bring it next week and be first on the list.

Friday night will see Paul Gallagher coming to present to us.  There is also a £3.00 cover charge per person.  This helps with accomodation and travel costs for our guest speaker.

After most had gone home, our visitor, Glen showed me some of his excellent photo, some of which were local aerial shots.  I asked him to bring them next week so that everyone could see them.

David Roberts


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