Friday 14th December 2012 – Competition Night – Triangles



Strictly speaking a triangle is a three-sided geometrical figure but the vivid imaginations of the members of Bangor and North Down Camera Club introduced quite few other definitions in the third round of their annual competition. Some of the entries did indeed adhere to the literal meaning but others employed trees, clouds,buildings and even the bent knees of footballers to depict triangular shapes.

The guest judge, Trevor Gibb from Merville Camera Club adopted a lenient approach  and accepted most of the efforts which, at least had captured the spirit of the meaning.

Remarking on the number of images with similar themes he jokingly wondered where amateur photographers had got their inspiration before the advent of The Titanic Belfast and Victoria Centre buildings.

In the Foundation section the lady members were prominent with Angela Shannon taking first and third place in Colour, nudging Eddie Wright into second. Angela’s winning effort was a thoughtful study of water tricking into triangular shapes over a step.

Christine Pearson again went for the offbeat approach in the Monochrome competition; her winning effort displayed two workmen on triangular stepladders. Darren Brown and Alan Field took the placings.

In the Advanced section Joe Paulin cleverly juxtaposed a Give Way traffic signal over the statue of Edward Carson at Stormont to take the Colour print honours. Edward McCavanagh and Noel Maitland were second and third respectively.

Ray Magill travelled to Paris to capture the angular attractions of Le Louvre for first place in the Advanced Monochrome; Edward McCavanagh again took the runner-up spot with Joe Paulin third.

Alan Field’s arrangement of pool balls in a triangle won the Digital Projected Image prize with Darren Brown sweeping up both the minor places in the Foundation contest. It was a family affair in the Advanced judging ; May Carvill employing a prism and clever lighting to capture an intriguing study while her daughter Deborah followed her in second place with David Best third.

John Bennett





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