Friday 18th January 2013

Friday 18th January: An AV Evening.

First of all; may I apologise for the confusion, all my fault. This is what we are going to do on Friday the 18th.

All members are invited to bring along one or more slide shows for an evening of entertainment and enjoyment. It is not a competition, the slideshow competition we had discussed on our Wednesday’s ‘Introduction to AV’s or Slide Shows’ may be held later in the year. We can talk more about that nearer the time.

Back to the 18th, contrary to what it says on the programme, shows do not have to be less than 3 minutes in length. They can be less than 3 mins, but they do not have to. They do not have to be new shows, if you have one that some may have seen before please bring it along as there will be folk who will not have seen it.


1. Most slide shows last between 4 to 5 minutes. Scientific research has shown grumpy members and those with the attention span of a goldfish, like me, tend to get restless and twitchy if the 5 minute barrier is crossed. So less than 5 minutes please 🙂

2. All shows must be playable on the clubs Windows computer. If you made your slide show in Pictures To Exe (PTE) or ProShow, then bring the exe file, not the project file. If you made your slide show in something else, and there are many programs that will create slide shows, then you should look for a ‘save as’ or ‘export’ or ‘ share’ option and select mp4. Do not select the option for DVD, Facebook, YouTube, Quicktime, etc. as these produce low quality imagery. Instead go for HD Video, or something like that. Be aware that it may take some time for your computer to create these high quality mp4’s and that the file size will be big.

At the camera club we use VLC Media Player (free for win and mac) as it will play everything that can be played! But it will not play mac app files or zips of a project, as these are not media files. If you need help or advice on this, just please let me know, here on this thread or on Wednesday 16th, speaking of which:

Wednesday 16th:

You may have a brand new, never seen before, slide show and want to keep your powder dry for friday the 18th and, if so, that’s fine. However; if you want a little help with perhaps one of your older shows, then please bring it along on Wednesday.

If you bring exe’s or mp4’s as discussed above, we can watch the show and offer advice. However; if you are a PTE user, please save your project as a zip and bring the zipped file. Doing this will allow us to really make some tweaks and adjustments to the project as we have PTE on our club computer.

On Wednesday’s we do what we want, so if there is the interest I can run over the basics again. Or I can cover any specific part of the process. But I suspect our time would be best served by helping novices to the AV/Slide Show world on how to improve their shows. As always, ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


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