Friday 22nd February 2013 – Round 5 Competition – Documentary

bandcc0220213-2830Competition Judging evenings at Bangor and North Down Camera Club are guaranteed to enjoy a full attendance. This evening was no exception. John Hill from Central Photographic Society, Belfast, was our Judge for the 5th Round competition.

The theme for this round was “Documentary” and as with all themed rounds huge debate raged during the foregoing weeks and months as to the definition of the word. Of course what really matters is the interpretation of Documentary, by the judge on the night and judges for the subsequent Northern Ireland Photographic Association round which selects overall placements from all the Northern Ireland Camera Clubs.

Before proceedings commenced, Awards for Commendation in the recent Audio Visual Festival at Ballyearle were made to Alan Hartley and Jack Thompson. Continue reading

Friday 15th February 2013 – Eight go to Paris – a Photo Tour



One of the regular activities of a dedicated group of 8 members of Bangor and North Down Camera Club, who feel that they have photographed everything of interest locally, is to have an annual trip away to some off-shore location.

Past trips have been to Grenada, Spain and Tuscany, Italy. On this occasion Paris was the chosen destination and a good opportunity to practice their French on the locals.

Trevor Craig introduced proceedings for the evening stating that it is an old adage that when important photographs have to be taken one should always have a spare camera. As well as his trusty Canikon camera, Trevor brought his Fujifilm X100 as backup. As it turned out the latter camera didn’t work!

Trevor took his audience on a grand tour of some of the well known landmarks, but with a different aspect; very early morning and late night vistas, without the distraction of hoards of tourists in shot. Continue reading

Friday 1st February 2013 – The more things change the more they are the same


“Plus ça change – plus c’est la même chose”- is the French way of saying, ”The more things change the more they are the same.” And it certainly would appear to apply to photography as the members of Bangor And North Down Camera Club learned on Friday evening.

The Club President Gerrry Coe  brought along a fascinating array of memorabilia collected over many years as a professional photographer. Some of the artefacts dated back to the earliest days of cameras and film including a still-functioning plate camera beautifully crafted in mahogany and brass. Among the images he displayed were original Daguerreotypes printed on emulsion coated brass plates and tin-types, cheaper productions mounted on a tin base and usually sold at fairgrounds. Ladies in floral bonnets and military gentlemen, stiff and formal stared fixedly at the lens of a long since gone photographer and bygone family groups posed self-consciously in front of neo-classical backcloths. The sepia tones, Gerry explained were the result of the silver being extracted from the emulsion as this would have caused the image to fade when exposed to light. Continue reading