Friday 15th February 2013 – Eight go to Paris – a Photo Tour



One of the regular activities of a dedicated group of 8 members of Bangor and North Down Camera Club, who feel that they have photographed everything of interest locally, is to have an annual trip away to some off-shore location.

Past trips have been to Grenada, Spain and Tuscany, Italy. On this occasion Paris was the chosen destination and a good opportunity to practice their French on the locals.

Trevor Craig introduced proceedings for the evening stating that it is an old adage that when important photographs have to be taken one should always have a spare camera. As well as his trusty Canikon camera, Trevor brought his Fujifilm X100 as backup. As it turned out the latter camera didn’t work!

Trevor took his audience on a grand tour of some of the well known landmarks, but with a different aspect; very early morning and late night vistas, without the distraction of hoards of tourists in shot.

Peter Hughes to a different approach. He concentrated on Paris street and River Seine views. His stories were told in Audio Visual format and incorporated some striking grafitti, which is very prevalent in Paris.

Another participant on the tour was David Best and he gave us detailed explainations on how he eliminated tourists from his photos and reflected on the difficulties encountered with changing light levels whilst creating panorama views at dawn.

Hugh Rooney showed his shots in which he utilised his 17-40mm and 24-105mm lenses to good effect. He related the experience of fellow traveller, John Miskelly, who in pursuit of the perfect panorama, placed his tripod and camera out through a narrow gap in the glass shield onto a narrow ledge on the 58th floor of the Tour Maine Montparnasse building. Apparantly John almost suffered frostbite by holding his precious gear for almost an hour.

Ray Magill, who is currently the President of Northern ireland Photographic Association, could not attend in person and it was shown by proxy. Ray’s offering was a delightful scenic tour of Paris in Monochrome.

Finally, Gerry Coe diplayed a selection of his photographs. As a professional photographer one would have expected him to bring his top notch camera. Not at all. Gerry travelled light with his iPhone and pocket tripod.

Gerry has recently been internationally recognised for his amazing iPhone photo-art and showed both projected images and mounted print images of some of the Paris shots. Some are displayed in the photograph.


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