Friday 22nd February 2013 – Round 5 Competition – Documentary

bandcc0220213-2830Competition Judging evenings at Bangor and North Down Camera Club are guaranteed to enjoy a full attendance. This evening was no exception. John Hill from Central Photographic Society, Belfast, was our Judge for the 5th Round competition.

The theme for this round was “Documentary” and as with all themed rounds huge debate raged during the foregoing weeks and months as to the definition of the word. Of course what really matters is the interpretation of Documentary, by the judge on the night and judges for the subsequent Northern Ireland Photographic Association round which selects overall placements from all the Northern Ireland Camera Clubs.

Before proceedings commenced, Awards for Commendation in the recent Audio Visual Festival at Ballyearle were made to Alan Hartley and Jack Thompson.

John Hill’s opening statement was that he was carrying out his last formal judging session tonight and after 60 years in photography felt that it was time to step back from the role.

He commenced with his concept and definition of the Documentary theme. As a case in point, he showed an entry of the Princess Victoria commeroration event at Donaghadee lifeboat and suggested that this in his view was more of a memorial than a documentary. Similarly, various sports shots didn’t quite fit the definition. As proceedings continued it became more obvious of the difficulty of fulfilling the definition. In spite of this difficulty, John took time to pass on advice and words of wisdom especially to the Foundation level members.

Of the Foundation Member Colour Print entries, 1st place went to Michael Rice, 2nd Place, Angela Shannon and 3rd Place, Alan Field. Michael Rice, Angela Shannon, Alan Field and Mark Bell received Commendations.

Michael Rice and Angela Shannon once again captured 1st and 2nd place respectively for their Monochrome prints in the Foundation group. Angel also secured 3rd place with Commended awards going to Michael and Angela plus Alan Field. The quality of the Foundation class was outstanding.

Deborah Carvill, Alan Hartley and Henry Doggart captured 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively in the Advanced Colour class. May Carvill, Noel Maitland, Edward McCavana and John Miskelly were granted Commendations.

In the Advanced Monochrome class, Deborah Carvill, Noel Maitland and Trevor Robinson achived the placements with May Carvill, Brian Watt and Edward McCavana granted Commendations.

Projected Digital Images are those which are displayed on our large screen by means of a digital projector. Once again the standard was very high. Projected images usually display brighter and more stunning colour hues than printed copies. In the Foundation Group, Michael Rice, Darren Brown and Angela Shannon gained the placings with Alan Field, Angela Shannon and Darren brown also receiving Commendation.

Finally, the Advanced group were led by Noel Maitland, Henry Doggart and Anthony Crosbie with Shirley Graham and Anthony Crosbie achieving Commendation.

Our thanks go once again to John Hill and we all wish him a happy retirement.

David Roberts



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