Change to Club Program. Friday 19th April

Change to Club Program.

Friday 19th April will now be a Slideshow Competition evening. The main purpose of the competition is to encourage all members, regardless of their ‘photographic ability’, to learn new ‘computer skills’ and prepare a slideshow. This is not part of our yearly official club competitions. It is only for a bit of fun and provide an evenings entertainment.

There will be two categories of entrant: ‘A’ and ‘B’.

‘A’, are folk who have been preparing computer generated slideshows for years and ‘B’, are folk who are relatively new to this.

You will notice that I haven’t used our club competition categories of ‘advanced ‘ and ‘novice’. These reflect your club standing in ‘photographic ability’. We may have folk who are club competition ‘advanced’ members but have never, or rarely, made a slideshow. They therefore would come under ‘B’ as folk who are new to the computer generated slideshow scene. So you will self select which category you think suits you best.


Therefore the rules are simple, and offered as guidelines to level the playing field of competition and also explain some expectations.
General Guidelines:

1. One entry per member.

2. We are a camera club, it’s all about your photography. Therefore we expect all the images / photos used in your slideshow to be yours.

3. As this is a slideshow competition, the main purpose of which is to encourage members to learn how to make a slideshow, the production or creation of the slideshow should be your own work. (Clearly not, I gave a friend some of my photos and they made this slideshow for me!)

4. Slideshows can be created on any computer or software. All we ask is that we can display it on the club ‘Windows’ computer. Therefore slideshows should be Windows exe’s (produced by ProShow or Pictures to Exe) or in mp4 format or almost any other video format, avi, etc., that we can display using VLC Media Player.

5. Please keep it short, 5 minutes maximum. Between 3 to 5 minutes works best!

6. File size, doesn’t matter, we will be copying all submissions to the club computer hard drive. (MP4’s, avi’s, etc. will be big and run better from the computer than from USB drives.)

7. Entries can be given to me or brought along on the evening.


If anyone needs some help or advice, please contact me.

Friday 8th March 2013 – Panels Competition


The Panels Competition is an eagerly awaited event in the calendar of the club. Not only does it entail capturing quality images but these must be arranged in such a way as to convey a theme or storyline. The six photographs required may be monochrome, colour or projected digital images .


This year’s entry was much higher than in recent years – a feature remarked upon by the guest judge Martin Spackman A.R.P.S. Nevertheless he perused each and every entry carefully and offered constructive criticism and praise where warranted- a gesture appreciated by the entrants who had to spend considerable time ( and not a little expense) constructing the half dozen images required. Martin explained that his criteria for success were quality of photography, composition of the image and impact of the story that each panel conveyed.

Angela Shannon was the winner of the Foundation Monochrome section with a collection of portraits of senior citizens – Darren Brown and Helen Fettis were runners up while Darren’s depiction of various waterfalls took the honours for Colour with Alan Friel and Christine Pearson sharing the podium. Continue reading

Friday 1st March 2013 – PAGB & RPS Winning Images

“Judge not that ye be not judged” – a Biblical quotation (Matthew 7:1) which might well be applied equally well to photographic competitions as to a moral or ethical path for life.

The lonely, friendless figure who arrives at a camera club intent on delivering a fair, balanced and positive appraisal of the efforts of the members is often the target of the wrath of those whose work is deemed unworthy of accolade. The judge, along with the football referee is on a hiding to nothing. How can he,or she not possibly see the hidden depths, the subtle nuances in my print? How can they possibly choose that out-of-focus, colour-cast monstrosity in front of what is obviously a work of near genius (mine!)

On Friday night Ray Magill (President of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association) prescribed a dose of their own medicine to the members of Bangor and North Down Camera Club by inviting selected (press-ganged!) participants to try their skills at judging panels of entries for accreditation to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

Each entry consisted of ten images which were shown to the judges for five seconds each. During this time they had to assess the quality of the picture and award marks from one to five. The cumulative total was then measured against a cut-off point of two hundred marks to ascertain the successful candidates. From the anguished cries of the volunteers it was plain that this judging lark was, perhaps not as easy as it looked.

In the event the Bangor panel judged the selections slightly harder than the actual national team which met last week.

Prior to that Hugh Rooney had displayed a selection of the cream of the work selected by The Royal Photographic Association for their annual display.

This represented the best photographic efforts of both amateur and professionals around the world and while the standard of work was very high it was noticeable that a substantial amount of the images had been enhanced and manipulated – some to a degree which, it could be argued lifted them out of the realm of photography and into the sphere of art.

Yet another potential pitfall to ensnare the poor judge!

John Bennett