Friday 8th March 2013 – Panels Competition


The Panels Competition is an eagerly awaited event in the calendar of the club. Not only does it entail capturing quality images but these must be arranged in such a way as to convey a theme or storyline. The six photographs required may be monochrome, colour or projected digital images .


This year’s entry was much higher than in recent years – a feature remarked upon by the guest judge Martin Spackman A.R.P.S. Nevertheless he perused each and every entry carefully and offered constructive criticism and praise where warranted- a gesture appreciated by the entrants who had to spend considerable time ( and not a little expense) constructing the half dozen images required. Martin explained that his criteria for success were quality of photography, composition of the image and impact of the story that each panel conveyed.

Angela Shannon was the winner of the Foundation Monochrome section with a collection of portraits of senior citizens – Darren Brown and Helen Fettis were runners up while Darren’s depiction of various waterfalls took the honours for Colour with Alan Friel and Christine Pearson sharing the podium.

Hugh Rooney’s atmospheric shadows of ironwork received high praise and first place in the Advanced Monochrome line-up with Ray Magill and Deborah Carvill second and third. Edward McCavana chose dramatic lighting to add impact to the otherwise mundane appearance of tomatoes to clinch the winning spot in Colour; Deborah Carvill and Alan Hartley took the placings.

There was a healthy entry in the Projected Digital Image Section ; Michael Rice got close up and personal with a hungry spider to clinch first place in the Foundation competition; Darren brown and Helen Fettis again featuring for second and third places. At the Advanced end it was a family affair with May Carvill’s study of a motor-tricycle winning just ahead of her daughter Deborah. Alan Hartley was third.

Hugh Rooney’s study of shadows was adjudged the overall winner.


John Bennett



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