Friday 19th April 2013 – Club Audio-visual Competition


The members of Bangor and North Down Camera Club are always on the lookout for something new to introduce to the weekly meetings at Ward Avenue and Friday evening saw a very popular innovation in the form of an Audio-visual night. Mark Allen came up with the original concept and prepared would-be participants by arranging tuition and support over in the preceding weeks.



The guest judge for the evening was Raymond Hughes from Merville Camera Club and his experience and expertise added an extra dimension to a very enjoyable meeting. The competition was divided into two categories – a Beginners section for anyone trying the medium for the first time and an Advanced section for the smaller number who have been involved in this branch of photography for some time.

There was a remarkably healthy interest in first time participants; nine members took the time and trouble to capture the images, arrange them into a sequence and add a commentary and/or music accompaniment. Five members took up the Advanced challenge.

The judge gave thoughtful and helpful feedback on the entries as they were projected , emphasising the need for a structured approach and the necessity for a basic theme or development. This, he explained made the difference between an Audio-visual presentation and a basic slide show. Various tricks of the trade became apparent as the evening went on; the importance of consistency in the format of the images was a recurrent theme mainly in the newcomers’ section.

Raymond also demonstrated the jarring effect of rapidly switching from landscape to portrait format and offered examples of how the transition could be achieved more smoothly.

Christine Pearson won the Beginners’ competition with a short ,snappy cinema- trailer like presentation extolling the virtues of the club’s Ladies’Night. Bill Henning’s portrayal of Hot Hotels was second with Ray Magill and Colin Ross sharing third.

In the Advanced section Mark Allen’s striking vistas of a trip to Skye earned him the top spot; Jack Thompson was runner up with a an informative exposition of the Norman influence on our culture. Again there was a tie for third place between David Roberts and Noel Maitland.

Due to the popularity of the evening it is likely that it will become a permanent fixture in the club calendar.

John Bennett.


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