One of the highlights of the year for The Bangor and North Down Camera Club annual exhibition in The Flagship Centre and this year’s winners were paraded on Friday evening in the club’s Ward Avenue headquarters. The guest judge this year was Lee Boyd, a painter and sculptor who has entertained the members on a previous occasion with a fascinating account of his approach to the visual arts.

Lee has also recently taken up residence in one of the “Pods” on Queen’s Parade in the town samples of his work will be on display there.

While acknowledging that photography was not his prime interest Lee presented a strong case for approaching the appraisal of paintings or digital images in a similar fashion. He explained that he looked for strong textures and dynamism in both media and went on to draw parallels in the use of colour ,tone and composition.

Even allowing for the very large entry and constraints of time he offered constructive comments on all the prints which had earned the top placings.


PORTRAIT (Monochrome) 1.Trevor Robinson 2. Mark Bell 3. Darren Brown

(Colour) 1. Darren Brown 2. Mark Bell 3. Alan Field

LANDSCAPE (Monochrome) 1. Mandy Milliken 2.Helen Fettus 3.Darren Brown

( Colour) 1. Darren brown 2. Alan Field 3. Christine Pearson

GENERAL (Monochrome) 1. Alan Field 2. Darren Brown 3 .Angela Shannon

(Colour) 1.Brian Mc Mullan 2. Darren Brown 3. Mandy Milliken

CHAIRMAN’S CHALLENGE 1. Angela Shannon 2. Alan Field 3. Mark Bell (Angela was also the overall winner in the Chairman’s Challenge)

TOP PRINT (Monochrome) Alan Field

(Colour) Brian McMullan


PORTRAIT (Monochrome) 1. John Miskelly 2. Hugh Rooney 3. Hugh Rooney

(Colour) 1. John Miskelly 2. David Best 3. Joe Paulin

LANDSCAPE (Monochrome) 1. Hugh Rooney 2. Nigel Snell 3. Trevor Craig

(Colour) 1. Nigel Snell 2. Hugh Rooney 3. Joe Paulin

GENERAL (Monochrome) 1.Trevor Craig 2. Harry Watson 3. Nigel Snell

(Colour) 1. John Miskelly 2.Deborah Carvill 3. Edward McCavana

CHAIRMAN’S CHALLENGE 1. Edward MCavana 2. Alan McMorris 3. Deborah Carvill

TOP PRINT (Monochrome) Hugh Rooney

(Colour) John Miskelly

The award for the Best Overall Picture went to Hugh Rooney and the Projected Digital Image prize was won by Darren Brown.

John Bennett



A Special award was also presented to Shirley Graham. Nuff said!!



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