Saturday 1st June 2013 – Outing to Ulster Aviation Society

Saturday 1st June saw the second outing in the BNDCC 2013 Summer calendar.

A smaller but not less enthusiastic group of 15 members gathered to visit The Ulster Aviation Society at RAF Long Kesh. The group met in the societies home, a WWII hangar which was the perfect setting for a wonderfully eclectic collection of Aircraft associated with Northern Ireland heritage. One of the pinnacles in the heart of the aviation industry.

After tea and scones, arranged and supplied by Jack (whom I will take this moment now, to thank once again, for a refreshing start for our day ahead). We were given an introduction to the society and a few H&S rules. The group was split into 3 smaller groups of 5 members and headed off in different direction, to discover all the exhibits and displays contained in a historical but working environment.

The dedication and commitment from the U.A.S. members was self-evident and abundant. The restoration process for each plane explained with enthusiastic admiration to his fellow members and made sure those members were pointed out in recognition for their achievements, a passion that mirrors our own club in its dedication and endless talent it possesses. Continue reading

Saturday 4th May 2013 – Club Outing to Castleward

The first summer outing of the club took place on Saturday 4th May when over a dozen keen snappers enjoyed the early summer sunshine in the lovely grounds of Castleward.

A full programme is planned for the remainder of the summer.


As of today, the planned outings are:

1st June – Ulster Aviation Society

6th July – Armagh – to be confirmed

3rd August – Crom Estate, Fermanagh – to be confirmed


Morning Coffee and Scones before we start.

Morning Coffee and Scones before we start.


Saturday 2nd June 2012 – Club Outing RPSI Whitehead

This was our second summer outing this year.   This time we planned to go to the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland depot at Whitehead.

We met as usual at the clubroom in Bangor and car-shared on our journey to Whitehead.  I was quite surprised at the number in our group who have never been to Whitehead, even though we can see it from the clubroom.

Our initial assembly for the traditional scones and tes/coffee was in the carpark by the sea. From there it was only 2 minute run to the railway depot where we were met by members of the society all kitted in high visibility jacket and cap.  Before we set off around the depot we were given a safety briefing and a history of the Society, then divided into separate escorted groups. Continue reading

Saturday 5th May 2012 – Club outing to Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh

This was the first of our organised Summer Club outings which take place on the first Saturday of the summer months and saw us visiting the Ulster American Folk Park just outside Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Unlike the previous outing several years ago when it was quite wet, we were blessed with a pleasant spring day, that is, after the rather sharp nip in the air when we first arrived.   There was a magnificent turnout with 26 attending,

The normal proceedings of part-taking in scones, jam, tea and coffee was adhered to as soon as the group had assembled but i know of two younger ones who scoffed their packed lunch at this point and had to be subsequently fed at the cafe when the real lunchtime arrived! Continue reading

BNDCC Summer Outings 2012

Saturday 5th May         Ulster American Folk Museum, Omagh

Immerse yourself in the world famous story of Irish emigration at the museum that brings it to life. Follow the emigrant trail as you journey from the thatched cottages of Ulster, on board a full scale emigrant sailing ship leading to the log cabins of the American Frontier.  Meet an array of costumed characters on your way with traditional crafts to show, tales to tell and food to share.


2 Mellon Road, Castletown, Omagh,
Co Tyrone BT78 5QU, Northern Ireland

Tel: +44 (0)28 8224 3292
The Ulster American Folk Park is located 5 miles north of Omagh on the main A5 road between Omagh and Strabane.


Saturday 2nd June       Whitehead Steam Railway Depot.

Island Magee in the afternoon

Saturday 7th July         The Irish Game Fair, Shane’s Castle, Antrim

Lough Beg afterwards depending on time / interest etc

Saturday 4th August   Benburb Mills – A Sean Barton tour!

Alan Hartley will publish more details about each outing closer to the time.

We plan to leave at 9am sharp from the Club. We generally meet up and organise drivers etc before leaving to share cars as much as possible.

Cost is £4.00 per person. This covers the cost of entry to venues and scones / tea for the morning. Sometimes there is no charge for getting in but this tends to be balanced out by other places where it costs more than £4.00.

Please bring your own lunch (although the girls usually have enough to feed everyone!)

Petrol money is sorted out by individual drivers on the day.

Friday and Saturday 13/14th April 2012 – Clubnight, Peter Hughes ARPS Panel / Clondalkin-BANDCC Print Battle and Outing

Peter Hughes - ARPS Panel

Last weekend was a busy time for the Club – both at home and away. On Friday night Peter Hughes, a past chairman displayed the images he had submitted for the successful award of Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. Describing the venture as a journey during which he learned much about his subject as well as his own approach to photography,  Peter admitted that he had undergone a less- than- enthusiastic period of a few years following his Licentiate award from the RPS but recovered his appetite after a visit to Valencia in Southern Spain.

The architectural beauty of the Arts and Science Park in that historic city sparked a revival of his interest to such an extent that he planned a second visit to capture the images he knew he would need to build a comprehensive portfolio . His fifteen monochrome pictures offered a graphic portrayal of the futuristic architecture which reminded Peter of his boyhood love of space travel, science fiction  and glimpses of the future. Entered in the Contemporary section his panel so impressed the judges that they used them as a demonstration set for other aspiring award seekers in England and Wales. Continue reading

Saturday 6th August 2011 – Summer Outing to Argory

The title of this is Summer Outing to Argory.  Excuse me.  Exactly where was Summer!!  Total washout.

Twelve forlorn souls and a baby braved the downpours and thunder and lightning in the name of photography.    Were we downhearted.  Heck, No.  After all photography is only part of it.  Its mainly about the coffee, tea, 4 varieties of scones (plain, fruit, cherry and date, for those who want to know) topped off with 3 types of home made jam, made of course by our own Mrs Hartley no less.

Some got transported like queens in a luxury Porche 4×4 including the special wave, whilst others followed.   Argory was easily found and no one went missing this time.

We really should have known what we were in for as the skies became heavier and blacker with telltale very wet portions of the road.   On we went.

After our picnic, we set off around the outside of the house and before we had gone 100 metres, the heavens opened.  By some good fortune, a marquee had been erected in the garden beside the house and we sheltered there, playing with macro lenses et al.  Someone commented that we could now get photos for our own version of Droppy, with the amount of rain washing over the side of the shelter.

This was a good opportunity to show our less experienced members some camera settings and their resultant exposures.

Cooperman heard the thunder and thought that it was a good idea to bounce his flash off the marquee roof, causing certain people to think we had lightning.   A few minutes later we had real lightning.  Julie braved the rain on her own during this so we await eagerly her photos next week.

During a short break in the rain, we got photos of the entrance and seats and foliage thereabouts.   I returned to the car with the intention of taking my wife, who was waiting in the car, for a tour of the house.  As it turned out only conducted tours without cameras was allowed and these took about an hour,  It also involved stair climbing and long periods of standing so we agreed to give it a miss.  Maybe we’ll return some day.

After our lunch, some of the others appeared and eagerly awaited to see what size of lunch Julie, Christine, Helen and Velia had brought.   I spotted the Sainsbury’s basket poorly disguised in the boot of a car.

The photos below again feature the handsome lunches enjoyed by some.  As I said, photography was only a side issue on this outing.

We decided to abandon the onward trip to Ardress and head home.  Amazingly, the weather in Bangor was bright with some actual sunshine!!

Below are two photos, one of the picnics some enjoyed, the other of the entire group.  Photo taken by Alan’s wife, Helen.

Roll on Wednesday till we see some of the photos.

Our Lunches

The brave ones

The Brave Ones