Friday 13th January 2012 – Basic photo judging & interaction with members

I'll be the judge of that!

I’ll be the Judge of That

The set aim of Bangor and North Down Camera Club is “Promoting and developing all aspects of photography through example, discussion and competition.

The golden thread of competition is stitched into the fabric of our yearly programme, with one being held on almost a monthly basis.  Club members are encouraged to assess and compare their knowledge, skills and experience, through the mediums of print and the projected digital images, in club competitions.  The essence of competition means that there will be winners, who will always applaud the judge for their outstanding verdict. But what about the folk who didn’t win, what do they get from competition?

The evening was hosted by Ray Magill, a long-standing member of the club and Vice President of NIPA (Northern Ireland Photographic Association.) He recruited nine volunteers, split into three teams, to perform the role of trainee judges. The brave volunteers, and a few conscripts, were Alan McMorris, Alan Hartley, Julie Campbell, Bobby Peacock, Drew McAvoy, Harry Watson, Christine Pearson, Helen Fettus, and Deborah Carvill. They, and the audience, listened carefully to his presentation about the different aspects of competition; the contestant’s expectations, and the judges responsibilities.
Ray was at pains to point out that his approach was a personal one and was, as he described it, a work in progress.  However, his years of experience as a NIPA judge was clearly evident.  Ray mentioned that he was impressed with Eddie Sethna’s approach to judging photography and recommended members to check out his web site. Continue reading

Sunday 4th December 2011 – New link to Flash Photography Exposure Basics

Go to our Photo Resources page.  A new video link has been added.

Flash photography is a skill not many try to master. Its like people just don’t want to learn it and just muddle through with their camera and flash on auto. I’m here to tell you: its super easy!!! The basics of flash exposure: Shutter speed affects ambient light only ISO and aperture affect ambient light AND flash Flash distance, power, and modifiers all change its output. Continue reading

Friday 21st October 2011 – Girls in Charge

It wasn’t merely the mini-banquet replacing the usual tea and biccies that signalled something special on Friday night at the Bangor and North Down Camera Club – the fact that the front three rows of the clubhouse were occupied by female members announced what could become a significant evening in the history of the club.

Like most camera clubs Bangor has traditionally been a predominantly male institution and while the reasons for this imbalance are unclear it is a fact that many potential female photographers have been somewhat apprehensive about joining such a gathering.

Whilst the girls, even in a minority have traditionally competed successfully in the monthly competitions their numbers remained small until the past two years when a surge of feminine candidates has redressed the numerical discrepancy significantly. Even more importantly the new intake has introduced a fresh, vibrant atmosphere to the Wednesday and Friday evening get-togethers.

Many of the newcomers were complete beginners in photography when they arrived but having benefited from the midweek tutorials led by David Roberts new names are already beginning to feature in the winning lists of the various competitions.

A willingness to learn the theory and put it into practice (particularly in the club summer outings) has resulted in a marked improvement in the level of skills of the newcomers and this can only augur well for the future of the club in N.I.P.A. competitions.

Friday night’s meeting celebrated this welcome development ; the ladies provided not only the edible goodies but mounted an exhibition of their work in the form of a series of audio-visual presentations.

Anne Groves, Alli Martin, Angela Shannon, Christine Pearson, Deborah and May Carvill, Deborah Gardiner, Helen Fettus, Julie Campbell , Mandy Milliken and Shirley Graham showed some of their favourite images and afterwards Shirley made presentations to Julie Campbell, the organiser of the evening and Davy Cooper who helped with the audio-visual compilation.

Christine Pearson captured the mood of the meeting admirably with her poem entitled “our wee club” in which she recalled her joining experience as like “ putting on a warm coat!”

John Bennett

Editor’s note:  Some additional photos taken on the night: