Titanic Yardmen Cycle and Walk

Titanic Yardmen Cycle and Walk

‘Be part of the Titanic centenary celebrations by participating in the Titanic Yardmen Cycle and Walk on 1st April 2012 (12pm – 2pm) in aid of Bowel Cancer UK’

Walk or cycle the route that thousands of yardmen took to work each day , tuck into your ‘piece’ on the Titanic slipways and help recreate this iconic image of 1900’s yardmen .

To register for the event please visit www.facebook.com/connswatercommunitygreenway and click the ‘Yardmen Registration Ticket’ button on the left of screen or www.communitygreenway.co.uk.
Registration fee includes your personalised Yardmen Ticket, a Yardmen pack, refreshments and your very own duncher/flat cap. Register early as numbers for this event are strictly limited to the first 1,000 applicants.
For more information call 90467925 or go to www.communitygreenway.co.uk

Wednesday 7th March 2012 – Bernie Brown and Gerry Coe – Bangor Library

ImageQuite a few club members turned up at Carnegie Library in Bangor to attend a presentation aptly named “Shooting Life as it Happens”.  Indeed the room was full and when I booked a place on Monday afternoon, only 5 places were available.

This afternoon’s presentation was hosted by Bernie Brown and our own Gerry Coe.  It turned out to be a truly inspiring session. Continue reading

All about NIPA

If you are a new member to your club and have heard the phrase “Nipah” being mentioned, but haven’t a clue what it means – you are not alone!

Many club members, especially beginners, have asked me to explain more about “NIPA” and their competitions. So; here is a brief summary of what it is all about.

* ‘NIPA’ stands for the ‘Northern Ireland Photographic Association’. All camera clubs in Northern Ireland are members of NIPA.
* ‘NIPA’ is a member of the UK wide organisation called ‘PAGB’ (Photo Alliance of Great Britain),
* ‘PAGB’ is a member of a ‘FIAP’ a European wide organisation called ‘La Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique’,
* ‘FIAP’ is a world wide organisation to which over forty countries belong.

Therefore our wee club, is part of a world wide network. But it all starts with NIPA. In the past we had club competitions and NIPA competitions. But this was very confusing, so we now have club competitions and images are selected to go forward to NIPA.

Continue reading

New Season’s Programme for BANDCC just issued

The Committee has just released to me, the new season’s programme for Friday evenings starting on 2nd September 2011.

If you have not already done so, with our assistance during the summer club evenings, now is the time to prepare your Digital AV.  Remember the 3 minute rule.  Can’t have people dozing off during your show!

Please remember to create your show as a standalone file, e.g. in PTE, create an EXE file for PC.  Similarly in Proshow.

This programme has been compiled with the best knowledge of speaker’s availability at this time and due to unforeseen circumstances, may change or dates rearranged.

Bangor and North Down Camera Club
2011-2012 Programme

Date Event Notes
02-Sep-11 Members Digital AV Presentations
(no longer than 3 mins duration).
Normal AV format
09-Sep-11 Andrew Hipson – External Speaker
‘Photography Goes Pop’
16-Sep-11 Club Members
Mini Presentations – My Photography
4 Members – 2 new and 2 long standing.
23-Sep-11 David Foster – External Speaker
‘Other Horizons’ – Places to be seen.
30-Sep-11 Competition Night – CLUB & NIPA Round 1 “Open”
(NIPA prints max 12″ X 16″).
07-Oct-11 Billy Riley – External Speaker.
Title of presentation to be confirmed.
14-Oct-11 Internet Photo Image Competition with Spanish Camera Club
Selection of Images
21-Oct-11 Ladies Night
‘Girls In Charge’
28-Oct-11 Competition Night – CLUB & NIPA Round 2 “Open”
(NIPA prints this round only max 50cm X 40 cm).
04-Nov-11 Hugh Rooney & Trevor Craig
Nikon v Canon ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’
11-Nov-11 Patrica Pyne – External Speaker.
Date and presentation to be confirmed.
18-Nov-11 Audrey Argue ‘Natural History’ Club Competition.
25-Nov-11 Ernie Patterson – External Speaker
‘Harry Ferguson and a Century of Flight’.
02-Dec-11 Internet Photo Image Competition with Spanish Camera Club
Results of Competition & Judges Comments
09-Dec-11 Quiz Night. Alastair & Mildred Bell
16-Dec-11 Competition Night – CLUB & NIPA Round 3 “Reflections”
(NIPA prints max 12″ X 16″).
23-Dec-11 Christmas Eve
(No Meeting).
30-Dec-11 Christmas Holidays
(No Meeting).
06-Jan-12 Camera Club Christmas Dinner. Club Members only
13-Jan-12 Ray Magill
Basic photo judging & interaction exercise with members
20-Jan-12 Jim Maginn – External Speaker
‘My Type of Photography’
27-Jan-12 Ralph Bennett
‘My Photography’
03-Feb-12 Competition Night – CLUB & NIPA Round 4 “Open”
(NIPA prints max 12″ X 16″).
10-Feb-12 Susan Abraham -External Speaker
Presentation of photographic images.
17-Feb-12 Tuscan Travellers
Photo Tour of Tuscany
24-Feb-12 Ian Gazzard – External Speaker.
Landscape Photography.
02-Mar-12 Competition Night – CLUB & NIPA Round 5 “Shadows”
(NIPA prints max 12″ X 16″)
09-Mar-12 Paul McCarroll – External Speaker
16-Mar-12 Club Panels Competition – Combined Foundation & Advanced Images. B&W Prints, Colour Prints and Digital Images.
23-Mar-12 Ruth Kelly – External Speaker
“Travel Photography”
30-Mar-12 Club Annual Exhibition Entries.
06-Apr-12 Good Friday
(No Meeting).
13-Apr-12 Peter Hughes
ARPS Panel
20-Apr-12 Club Annual Dinner. Presentation of awards
27-Apr-12 Exhibition Post Mortem. Report by exhibition judge
04-May-12 Annual General Meeting. Reports from current officers and election of club officers 2011-2012.
Other Dates:-
1) Saturday 24 Sep 2011 – Celtic Challenge Competition at
Queens Hall Holywood hosted by NIPA.
2) Friday 18 November 2011 – Roy Finlay Memorial Natural History Competition
at Castle Espie hosted by NIPA.
3) Tuesday 19 Jan 2012 – NIPA Novice Competition at Bangor CC.