Benburb Photos 2nd July 2011

Photos taken on the Camera Club outing

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2 thoughts on “Benburb Photos 2nd July 2011

  1. some really lovely shots there just wish I didnt work on Saturdays, theres always next year or whatabout a wee autumn trip ????

  2. A great day was had by all the group, some very interesting pictures fun and laughter all the way. Cloud, that was a good job as we would all have been to hot. The old Mill had many items in and out of the building. The only thing that lives here now are the birds the many insects and spiders that cling to the metal work,old jeeps and some very interesting out houses. The place had a feeling of lonelyness and sadness now that the place lies empty of human life. I am sure if the machines could talk they would tell many a fine story or two. Glad I went with the camera club, a day to remember tanks Shaun. Helen Fettus

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