Photo Training Videos

Gavin Hoey shows how to create a Time Lapse Video

Here’s a little video by Gavin Howy showin the creation of a TimeLapse Video.

Flash Photography Exposure Basics


Flash photography is a skill not many try to master. Its like people just don’t want to learn it and just muddle through with their camera and flash on auto. Its super easy!!! The basics of flash exposure: Shutter speed affects ambient light only ISO and aperture affect ambient light AND flash Flash distance, power, and modifiers all change its output.

When you understand that concept its easy. If you want to adjust the flash change ISO, aperture, flash power or flash distance. If you only want to change the ambient light in the scene then adjust your shutter speed. I have all my students start out in manual exposure mode with the flash on manual too. That way you are controlling the flash and learning how it works, not just getting by.

How to photograph Smoke Trails

Gavin Hoey shows how to photograph smoke trails.

How to photograph a splash of water

Here is a video by Gavin Hoey showing how to photograph a splash of water.

Mike Brown explains Manual Exposure

 Street Portrait Photography

How to Blur Portrait Backgrounds in Aperture Mode

Gavin Hoey Photo Video


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