Wednesday 10th August 2011 – Clubnight

Tonight we seemed to launch straight into the critique of members photos.  I showed some of the photos taken kast Saturday at the Argory.  Mark kindly acted as MC for this evening.

Angus and his mum, Deborah returned from their holiday in Turkey with a great tan and some great photos, some of which Deborah quickly claimed were hers.   Amongst the shots were memorable photos of Ephasus and the ruins of that once great city.  Brought back memories for me of my visit there last year.

Alli, submitted a selection of her photos and was well complemented on them.

Mark took the opportunity to show us his reworked audio visual of the Arctic trip and described how he had reduced the file size from 70+ Mb down to 15Mb.    As well as this he changed the aspect ratio of his photos from 16:9 to 16:10.

This naturally gave rise to the question, Why 16:10?    He loaded up photoshop and used a landscape format photograph.  He then set the crop tool to 16:9 ratio and it them became clear that cropping like this left 2 largish areas above and below the photo cut off.  He then reset the crop tool to 16:10 and showed a similar crop. This time there was much less picture loss at the top and bottom.

Julie showed us her Argory photos where she had wandered off in the rain.  Alan’s shots were excellent and I particularly liked the ones taken down at the river showing two boats.

Previous member Ray McCurry has kindly donated a bundle of CD/DVDs gathered up from issues of photo magazines to the club’s resources.   There was a good uptake of folk borrowing these.   Shirley claimed the free clapper board also donated by Ray.

Once again the clock beat us.   We never seem to be able to finish at 10pm.    Mark finally reminded the members of the proposed Pictures to Exe (and ProShow also) workshops held either on a Saturday or Sunday.   We would need a minimum number of people to attend these free workshop sessions, so if you are interested, please let either Mark or me know.


Pictures To Exe

While some folk are new to Pictures To Exe and taking things slowly, others are ploughing ahead and have a number of questions about very specific stuff. I include below some of the questions I have recently been asked:

1. How do you change the music, and how does it affect the overall timeline?
2. Please explain all the stuff about ratios again, you mentioned 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 and then you mention pixels, 1920×1080 (full HD) and also 1920×1200, I am confused!
3. How do you get the images to a smaller size, with out losing screen display quality? (My PTE exe is 150MB and I can’t upload this…)
4. I have stitched together a number of photos to create one big letter box. But when I try to put it in PTE, it shows the full width and makes the height very small. How do I show the full panorama?