Friday 18th January 2013

Friday 18th January: An AV Evening.

First of all; may I apologise for the confusion, all my fault. This is what we are going to do on Friday the 18th.

All members are invited to bring along one or more slide shows for an evening of entertainment and enjoyment. It is not a competition, the slideshow competition we had discussed on our Wednesday’s ‘Introduction to AV’s or Slide Shows’ may be held later in the year. We can talk more about that nearer the time.

Back to the 18th, contrary to what it says on the programme, shows do not have to be less than 3 minutes in length. They can be less than 3 mins, but they do not have to. They do not have to be new shows, if you have one that some may have seen before please bring it along as there will be folk who will not have seen it.


1. Most slide shows last between 4 to 5 minutes. Scientific research has shown grumpy members and those with the attention span of a goldfish, like me, tend to get restless and twitchy if the 5 minute barrier is crossed. So less than 5 minutes please 🙂

2. All shows must be playable on the clubs Windows computer. If you made your slide show in Pictures To Exe (PTE) or ProShow, then bring the exe file, not the project file. If you made your slide show in something else, and there are many programs that will create slide shows, then you should look for a ‘save as’ or ‘export’ or ‘ share’ option and select mp4. Do not select the option for DVD, Facebook, YouTube, Quicktime, etc. as these produce low quality imagery. Instead go for HD Video, or something like that. Be aware that it may take some time for your computer to create these high quality mp4’s and that the file size will be big.

At the camera club we use VLC Media Player (free for win and mac) as it will play everything that can be played! But it will not play mac app files or zips of a project, as these are not media files. If you need help or advice on this, just please let me know, here on this thread or on Wednesday 16th, speaking of which:

Wednesday 16th:

You may have a brand new, never seen before, slide show and want to keep your powder dry for friday the 18th and, if so, that’s fine. However; if you want a little help with perhaps one of your older shows, then please bring it along on Wednesday.

If you bring exe’s or mp4’s as discussed above, we can watch the show and offer advice. However; if you are a PTE user, please save your project as a zip and bring the zipped file. Doing this will allow us to really make some tweaks and adjustments to the project as we have PTE on our club computer.

On Wednesday’s we do what we want, so if there is the interest I can run over the basics again. Or I can cover any specific part of the process. But I suspect our time would be best served by helping novices to the AV/Slide Show world on how to improve their shows. As always, ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


The annual Ladies’ Night at Bangor and North Down Camera Club is an event much anticipated by the male members not only for the excellent nature of the refreshments provided but also for the quality of the photographic work on display.

Over the past few years there has been a growing female presence in the club and the girls have brought with them a welcome sense of fun and enjoyment as well as producing work of increasing ability. As Julie Campbell, M.C. for the evening mentioned most of the ladies had joined with little or no photographic experience and by attending the midweek workshops and tutorials had raised their levels of skill to the point where they are now competing with marked success in the club competitions.

Julie, who was a complete beginner just over a year ago produced an attractive collage of views from the North Coast including seascapes and sunsets.

Most of the presentations were in the form of audio-visual displays ; Deborah Carvill produced a photographic diary of her year with images from various locations. Deborah’s mother May accompanies her on many of her photographic forays but still manages to produce pictures with a different slant. Her portfolio included images of Bangor and Donegal. Christine Pearson thanked the senior members ,particularly David Roberts for the help and guidance on offer and read a little poem in praise of “Our Wee Club.”

Anne Groves produced a pleasant collection featuring flowers, children and local views while Angela Shannon showed images of her travels in Italy and France and explained how the club had rekindled her photographic interest when she joined last year.

Alli Martin, another new recruit last year produced her first audio-visual depicting her special interest in nature and wild life . Caroline Lismore-Kerr, similarly in her first year of membership displayed an artistic interpretation of her shots of family, pets and holidays in Donegal. Her daughter Liane made it a family affair employing a thoughtful approach to her collection of family and holiday shots.

Helen Fettus paid a pictorial tribute to Belfast with a trip around many of the city’s landmarks while Deborah Gardiner chose to follow the life of a blackberry from blossom to blackberry pie, mousse and crumble. Velia Martin presented a pictorial account of her restoration of a farmhouse in County Armagh and Shirley Graham opted to display a collection of her prints which admirably reflected the improvement in her work since she started coming to the club just three years ago.

The evening finished (after full justice was done to the supper) with a visual record of the girls’ day out at Crawfordsburn Park and a word of thanks to David Cooper who had added his expertise to the compilation of the presentations.

Wednesday 7th November.

Wednesday 7th November. We will have a studio session for folk wanting to learn more about taking photos in a studio environment. The second half of the evening will include our Audio Visual/Slideshow talk. I will use the AV prepared for Shirley, on Amsterdam, to include adding titles and generally polishing off the show (that was created in just 35 minutes!)

Audio Visuals (AVs)

For discussion:

We are considering holding an Audio Visual Competition in January 2013. We haven’t agreed on any rules, but I am thinking of:
1. Not longer than 5 minutes
2. Completely new, not seen before or entered into any competition or festival
3. An outside judge will choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

In order to assist members prepare their AVs, we are thinking of holding four, 1 hour workshops, on the first Wednesday, from Sept to Dec. Jack Thompson, David Roberts and I will work out the details, but we are thinking of the following:
1. Introduction: Demonstration of the different types of AVs to help members decide what type of Av they want to make.
2. Image selection and preparation. How to cull 100 photos down to a possible 40, and the final selection of around 30. Resizing them for full hd 1920×1080 (16:9) or 1920×1200 (16:10).
3. Selection of appropriate music. Using the beat of the music to link to the slides. Use of sound effects and how these can be added to the music.
4. Writing a script, and recording a narration. How the narration is added to the music.

Just some ideas, still early stages, but all feedback is most welcome.