Friday 25th January 2013 – Round 5 Open Competition


Bangor and North Down Camera Club  celebrated the first competition of 2013 with a healthy entry in all the sections and an encouraging turn out to witness the judging. Ian Lyons from Merville Photographic Club was the guest judge and he offered particular encouragement to the Foundation entrants with a comment and some advice to each member.

The range of subjects reflected the Open nature of the competition with landscapes, natural history ,sport and other categories on display.

Brian McMullan’s spectacular shot of an airborne motor-cyclist took first prize in the Foundation Colour section; Angela Shannon and Michael Rice took the other placings. Continue reading

Friday 26th October 2012 – Competition Night Round 2 – Open

The Ward Avenue headquarters of the Bangor and North Down Camera Club was well populated for the second round competition of the season on Friday night. With the Club’s entries in the Northern Ireland Photographic Association competition depending on the results there was an air of keen anticipation among the members as the judge, Brian Hennessy ran his eyes over the displayed prints.

As Brian is a retired professional photographer himself it was an experienced appraisal he applied to the various categories and he expressed a degree of satisfaction at the generally high standard of the work . Beginning with the Foundation Colour section Brian, faced with an entry of over forty prints had time only for a cursory comment for each one before announcing the winners. Michael Rice’s study of fungi shot from ground level was a worthy shot to take the first place followed by Angela  Shannon and Mark Bell. Continue reading

Audio Visuals (AVs)

For discussion:

We are considering holding an Audio Visual Competition in January 2013. We haven’t agreed on any rules, but I am thinking of:
1. Not longer than 5 minutes
2. Completely new, not seen before or entered into any competition or festival
3. An outside judge will choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

In order to assist members prepare their AVs, we are thinking of holding four, 1 hour workshops, on the first Wednesday, from Sept to Dec. Jack Thompson, David Roberts and I will work out the details, but we are thinking of the following:
1. Introduction: Demonstration of the different types of AVs to help members decide what type of Av they want to make.
2. Image selection and preparation. How to cull 100 photos down to a possible 40, and the final selection of around 30. Resizing them for full hd 1920×1080 (16:9) or 1920×1200 (16:10).
3. Selection of appropriate music. Using the beat of the music to link to the slides. Use of sound effects and how these can be added to the music.
4. Writing a script, and recording a narration. How the narration is added to the music.

Just some ideas, still early stages, but all feedback is most welcome.

All about NIPA

If you are a new member to your club and have heard the phrase “Nipah” being mentioned, but haven’t a clue what it means – you are not alone!

Many club members, especially beginners, have asked me to explain more about “NIPA” and their competitions. So; here is a brief summary of what it is all about.

* ‘NIPA’ stands for the ‘Northern Ireland Photographic Association’. All camera clubs in Northern Ireland are members of NIPA.
* ‘NIPA’ is a member of the UK wide organisation called ‘PAGB’ (Photo Alliance of Great Britain),
* ‘PAGB’ is a member of a ‘FIAP’ a European wide organisation called ‘La Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique’,
* ‘FIAP’ is a world wide organisation to which over forty countries belong.

Therefore our wee club, is part of a world wide network. But it all starts with NIPA. In the past we had club competitions and NIPA competitions. But this was very confusing, so we now have club competitions and images are selected to go forward to NIPA.

Continue reading

Friday 20th January 2012 – Jim Maginn – My Photography

Jim Maginn

When the Bangor and North Down Camera Club invited Jim Maginn to be their guest speaker they anticipated a thought provoking evening and they certainly weren’t disappointed!

In the second part of the evening Jim instigated a lively debate by stating that he strongly disagreed with the regular competitions which are a large part of any club’s programme. In particular he criticised the method of judging a photographer’s ability on just one image, insisting instead that a much wider body of work should be considered. In his opinion each photographer should be striving to find and develop his or her own style and then using it as a voice to express their ideas. This, he concluded could not be done by looking at a single image. Continue reading

Friday 18th November 2011, Audrey Argue Wildlife Competition

It was Buy One Get One Free night at the club competition on Friday as in all but one of the six categories the winner also took the runner-up spot as well. The event was the Audrey Argue Wildlife Competition, held annually in honour of the former Vice-Principal of Glenlola Collegiate School, a past chairman of the club and a lover of conservation.

The guest judge for the evening was Paul Hanley of the Belfast Photo Imaging Club (BPIC) and before selecting his preferences he offered an insight into his method of separating the winners from the rest of the field. While technical details, such as focus and print quality were important so too was the overall impact a print could make on the eye when viewed for the first  time. He was enthusiastic in his praise for the overall quality of the entries.

Trevor Reid took first and second place in the Foundation Monochrome section with images of an ostrich and a fluffy chick. Helen Fettus was third. Trevor then followed his success with another double in the colour competition. A gull in flight and a portrait of a turkey gained him another one-two with Helen again third with a shot of a robin. In the Advanced contest it was the turn of Ray Magill to do the double –his depiction of a pair of pelicans caught the judge’s eye for first place while a couple of zebras won second.

Nigel Snell’s tern was third. Nigel then reversed the order by booking the first two spots in Advanced Colour – puffins and pheasants his subjects . Anthony Crosbie was third. In the Digital Projected Image competition it was macro photography which took the honours and the first two places in the Foundation section for Michael Rice.

His lens got up close and personal with insects and thistles while Michael Graham really got down to it with a snail’s eye view …of a snail. In the Advanced showing Drew McAvoy was successful with an image entitled cold feet; Jack Thompson and Nigel Snell took the placings.

John Bennett



Friday 28th October 2011 – Club/NIPA Competition Round 2 Open

It was click and display time again at the Bangor and North Down Camera club and the Ward Avenue clubhouse was full for the second Open competition of the season last Friday evening.

The large entry, expertly managed and arranged by Alan Hartley and Alan McMorris fell under the expert scrutiny of the guest judge John Belshaw, the Chairman of Shorts Camera Club, Bangor’s Belfast neighbours and friendly rivals.

After explaining what he looked for in a picture (good composition, tonal range  and freshness of subject or treatment ) he went on to offer a short comment on each of the numerous entries beginning with the Foundation prints.

Trevor Reid won the monochrome section with a portrayal of an old fashioned sweet shop; Angus Gardiner and Julie Campbell finishing second and third. In the colour competition Bill Nesbitt’s shot of a young bird was victorious- followed by Alex Boyd and Angus Gardiner.

When it came to the Advanced competition Mr Belshaw explained that he would be looking more critically at the composition and print quality. Alan McMorris clearly satisfied his criteria; his monochrome close-up of a guitar took the honours ahead of Nigel Snell and Anthony Crosbie.

Alan Hartley’s atmospheric landscape won the colour section with another of his prints in runner–up spot ahead of Alan McMorris.

There was a very healthy entry in the Projected Digital Image competition where the colour and black and white images are judged together. Julie Campbell braved the darkness to provide the Foundation winner with a vivid shot of Donaghadee from the pier. Julie also took third spot behind Shirley Graham. Nigel Snell opted for a close-up depiction of a dew spattered poppy to finish first in the advanced line up – he was also  third with Jack Thompson second.

John Bennett