Wednesday 1st December.

Photography Session: The theme is for photos ‘200m from your house’. The aim is to get folk out with their cameras and then share the photos at the club. This is not obligatory, just a theme. As always bring your photos on a usb memory stick, just 10-15 please! (A recent card with 857 photos, made our whizz bang computer slow down to a snails pace!)

Include photos that you think worked and are proud of. Be prepared to accept feedback 😉 Also include ones that didn’t turn out as you expected, perhaps the club members will be able to offer advice.

Software Session: Ratios and resizing. I will show how to resize for various outputs. The first will be for our competition projected images (1440×1050) which is a 4:3 ratio. Most amateur and semi pro DSLR’s capture images at 3:2 ratio, the old 35mm film ratio. Modern compacts use 4:3, while the Pro DSLR allow for ratio of 5:4 and 7:6, confused already? The purpose of this session is to explain all this and show you how to make your photos comply with the club rules for ‘the projected image’, no matter what ratio your phone/compact/DSLR uses.

Once new members understand ratios, we can move on the resizing for print, which is completely different!