Wednesday 26th October 2011 – Clubnight

Good turnout tonight again.

To open the evening I ran a couple of tutorial videos by Gavin Hoey on the technique of capturing smoke trails from incense sticks.   Maybe this will encourage those of us keeping out of the rain, to set up something like it and try some fancy and creative stuff in the garage.  Remember what I said about burning these things in the house!  It takes a gale blowing in the front door and out the back door to disperse the smell afterwards!

Davy has been hard at work over the weekend installing additional PA speakers to the ceiling so that those sitting at the back can hear presenters.    He has also done excellent maintenance on the club PC and aligned the monitor resolution with the projector resolution.  No more oval circles.   I would ask members not to adjust display settings on the machine considering Davy’s considerable efforts.  For the technically minded we now display via HDMI.

Right at the front we had two young ladies and their mother (of one, or both) who have just recently come along to the club.  I’m not so good at remembering names but I thing the young ladies were called Lois and Leanne (my apologies if I got this wrong).  They both brought along memory sticks with samples of their photography.  I think that I can speak for almost all present that the shots were amazing.  Leanne has been experimenting with a fisheye add-on to the lens on her camera.  The first photo featured an Eddie Stobart lorry passing by at a dangerously close distance.  Other example of this lenswork were equally good.  Just shows what a young imagination can do.

We had yet another new guest tonight, Sam from Groomsport who found us via the website.  Welcome Sam.

Alan and Paul both supplied photos on memory sticks for critique.

Tonight was the final deadline for entry of prints and PDI’s for Friday’s Round 2 Club/NIPA Competition.

Apologies to Julie.  She had a memory stick of photos which I overlooked.  Promise yours are first next Wednesday.

Late Breaking News:   Adobe Lightroom 3 is available for TODAY ONLY 27th October at 50% of normal price.  Its now £118.80 TODAY ONLY.  Mac or PC.   Check your email.

TOO Late!! You missed it.   I know a number of people who took advantage of this great offer.  Is it a sign that Lightroom 4 is about to appear?