Friday 12th August 2011 – Clubnight

End of another miserable damp week.

Tonight Helen brought in her laptop computer for some direct help from me on getting the Picture to Exe licence key which she bought, into the trial version which only allows 10 photos to be added to an AV.

The immediate problem was that she didn’t have the key with her, rather it resided on an email from WNsoft.  Never mind, there’s always a solution.

Thanks to Chris Roberts, I was been shown how to set up a local hotspot on my Nokia mobile phone.  I used the phone app, JoikuSpot Light (a free app) to establish the WiFi hotspot wirelessly and logged onto it from Helen’s laptop.

From there she accessed her email and copied the registration Key from her email into the clipboard memory and within PTE, went into the Buy option>Load a key.   This was pasted in and hey presto, she has a fully legitimate registered fully functioning PTE.

I commented on how slow her  computer was and after emptying the recycle bin, showed her the process of defragmentation.  Analysis of the disk showed that she had precious little disk space left for saving files and insufficient space to proceed with defragmentation.

We deleted some old files and regained some more space, however, it is the collection of photographs which was hogging the disk space.  I suggested that these should be transferred on to an external drive to clear space and provide some security.  Only then could she defragment the drive and regain some performance.

Anthony also had a trial copy of PTE and showed us magnificent shots of Utah and Monument Valley.  I used this opportunity to explain some detail of how to stretch a photo within PTE to remove black borders.  Using Anthony’s photos I went through the steps of building a slide show, adding wholly inappropriate music and simplifying the transition and dissolve times.

At tea break I put a proposition to Anthony that with his great selection of worldwide travel photos he had the material for a whole evening presentation within the formalised Friday Evening Programme.  I will contact Gerry about this.

Christine produced her little AV in which raised some hilarity.  Somehow she homed in on me with candid shots.  I think this was in retaliation of us spoiling her pussy shot at Argory (see previous post).

Nigel had visited the Walled garden and wildflower garden adjacent to Bangor Castle and produced beautiful macro shots including raindrops.   Well done Nigel.

Finally, Harry produced some fine photos of guide dogs taken in a Gym with the handler working out.

We are going to need some person(s) to ‘lead’ the evenings in just over a weeks time when I go on holiday.   I’m pretty sure we have many quite capable people who could fulfil that role as well as make tea and coffee.

Wednesday 3rd August 2011 – Clubnight

I thought we were going to have only a few members attending this evening.  Eddie arrived as one of the early ones and came down to the front with his laptop for some help.

His problem was that somehow he had managed to shift the Windows 7 taskbar from the bottom of the screen to vertically  on the left edge and he had tried everything to move it.   Thankfully, I have seen this before.  By placing the cursor on the taskbar in its vertical position, right click showed that there was no tick against the “Lock the Taskbar’ choice, therefore this was part of the problem.  By selecting ‘Properties, a dialog box showed the option to reposition it at the top, right, left or bottom.  Selecting bottom solved the problem.  I finished it off by putting a tick against ‘Lock the Taskbar’ and this should prevent it happening again.  Now Eddie knows.

He also showed me some photos of his in Picassa and we played for a few minutes with them.

When I looked up suddenly there was a really good turnout.  Apparently, there was a gathering just outside the door chatting in the evening sunlight.

Ann gave me the SD card out of her EOS 400D camera to show her photos.   Several others tabled their memory sticks including Alli, who came to us last week.

Ann had 1700 photos on her card so we sampled just a small number, some of which were out of focus.  By looking at the EXIF data via Faststone Image Viewer (free download) we could see that her shutter speed was too slow in many cases.  David Best offered a good suggestion that we set it up at Shutter Priority and ISO 400 and this could help with her problem of handholding.    She had some great shots of a little boy with a hat.

Nigel offered a great PTE slideshow which included photos of wildlife, his specialism.

Alli’s photos taken on her Vivitar camera were very good, though several were slightly overexposed.  At the tea break I talked to her and showed her the Exposure Compensation setting on her camera and how it worked.

I brought along my iPad to show Mark the feature of setting up a local hotspot on my mobile phone and connecting a non-3G iPad to the internet almost anywhere.  The application on the phone was Joikuspot Light.  Anyone interested should Google for it.   As it turned out,. Mark didn’t make it, but Nigel was about to buy an iPad, so we retired to the kitchen to show how this was set up whilst David Best took over and explained some features of Lightroom including its very powerful database management facility.

As usual the evening had flown and we finished at nearly 10.30.  Thanks once again to Julie and Helen for tea.    I think we need some different volunteers to give them a break.