Friday 18th May 2012 – Clubnight

Tonight we had an early start exploring the concept of Content Aware Fill and I brought into Photoshop Elements 10, several photographs which were on the club computer hard disk.  The command’Edit>fill>content aware” does not exist in the same manner in Elements 10 as it does in Photoshop.  Its equivalent is found unter the Spot Healing Brush.  It has a Content Aware facility.

This works by brushing over the object desired to be removed. Once the mouse button is released, it attempts to remove it and blend with the surrounding pixels.

Im the majority of cases this works well but there are occasions where it draws in some local shapes adjacent to to the selected area.   The secret seems to lie in only selecting small items and small areas at one time, for instance, removing a telephone line from a photo it is better to remove it in many small pieces rather than all at once.

Once again we watched two episodes from the photo tutorial videos brought in by Darren, the first being the subject of macro photography and the second being the use of outdoor flash to light a  subject and at the same time create a dark background.

In the first tutorial the use of extension tubes was discussed and demonstrated.  This is a cheaper option than purchasing a Macro Lens.

The second tutorial showed how to expose for ambient light then reduce its exposure by use of polariser and neutral density filters in conjunction with fill flash using umbrella reflectors.

The remainder of the evening was occupied with critique of members photos.

Wednesday 17th August 2011 – Clubnight

Eddie was first in tonight for help and advice.  His query was something that some people take for granted when using computers and others not so.  He was having a problem when attempting to delete photo files via Windows Explorer.  He found that clicking on the filename to select it for deletion resulted in the photograph opening in his editing software.   After a little bit of interrogation it seems that a shaky hand has resulted in a double click of the mouse button.   I suggested that he open Control Panel and go to the section on the mouse.  There will be  a tabbed dialog box open and he should select Buttons.  There he will see a slider which controls the speed of the double mouse clicks.  I showed him how to reduce it to a slow value.   This may well cure the problem.

As well a this he wanted to know the key combinations to select individual files.  This is ctrl+click.  To delete them normally press the delete key to move them to the recycle bin.  Holding the Shift Key while deleting will bypass the recycle bin and send the files to cyberspace.   I showed him also how to click on the first of a long list of files then go to the last the Shift+click to highlight all those in between.   He went away happy to try it.

Mark took the chair at the computer tonight while I sat at the back awaiting a visit from Sonia, our local photo print shop owner.

Tonight Mark returned to the original system where individuals were asked their opinions on photos displayed.  This is always a good way to get people to think out loud about what they see.   As usual we had a great contribution of memory sticks.   One of the most outstanding set were from Michael back from his trip to Kenya.  His photos of wildlife were amazing, especially the lions.   Also in his collection were some beautiful macro shots of flowers where he had enhanced them with a spray or two, or three, of water.  Some great magnifying drops though.

We debated Julies photo of an orange boat in harbour and its reflections.

Harry produced some photos of the eclipse of the sun taken in 2001 South Africa using Welders Glass as a filter.  The photos were scanned from prints.

Alli brought along her fathers Olympus film camera with split prism manual focus.   Noel kindly spent some time instructing her on its operation.

Before departing a request was put out for some to bring biscuits for our next night.  Our supply has dwindled.

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I have asked Mark to keep this blog going whilst I am on holiday.

See you all on FRIDAY.