Wednesday 10th October 2012 – Clubnight

Another excellent turnout tonight.

We welcomed a gentleman by the name of Glen whom I met a couple of Fridays ago at the Newtownards Traction Engine Club.

As promised, the early part of the evening was dedicated to instruction on mount cutting and practice for two of our new members, Geoff and Stevie.  They both brought along a mount board and some A4 sized prints.   By the end of the session both had become competent in cutting mounts.

Mark then took over the session and gave a great practical demonstration of Snapseed to do local adjustments to photographs, i.e. brightness, contrast, sharpness, local focussing and vignettes.   This piece of software is available for iPad and iPhone for about £2.99  .    There is an Apple Mac version for £13.99 and also a Windows version available.  An android version will soon be available too. Continue reading

Wednesday 4th April 2012 – Clubnight

Tonight was Darren’s turn to take us a trip around Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 which we recently purchased.

He loaded up a small diverse selection of his photographs and demonstrated to us the basic steps from importing RAW files into the Library catalogue, through the various Library view modes and then on to the export stage which essentially converts your RAW file into JPG, Tiff or PSD formats.    When in the Develop module, Darren used a recent photo of little Eva taken in the studio where there were some shadows below her eyes and eyebrows, to show how the Adjustment Brush can be used for local lightening or darkening of the skin.  The colours of the pupils of the eyes were adjusted also using this tool.  Adobe recently substantially reduced the price of Lightroom 3 and subsequently Lightroom 4.  The upgrade is now available for around £60.  Available in both PC and Mac versions, it is highly recommended for those who shoot in RAW. Continue reading

Wednesday 25th January 2012 – Clubnight

Mark kindly opened the evening by reviewing some photographs from memory sticks.  As well as some of my own, we had an excellent selection from Angus.

Last Wednesday eveningTrevor Reid asked me to show him how to cut mounts for his photos, so I set up the mount cutting table early in the evening.  Somehow the steel ruler which is hung on the side of the table was missing.  Noel kindly went home and brought in a tape rul and plastic school type ruler.  Bill Nesbitt also suggested that mounts can be ordered from a company pre-cut at reasonable prices.  I heard some debate in the background as to whether these prices quoted included postage.   From my observations of the company website, postage was extra.

Continue reading

Wednesday 5th October 2011 – Clubnight

Gosh, it was a busy night tonight.

The plan was to teach Angus how to cut photo mounts.  The table was got out and set up ahead of everyone arriving.

A great word of thanks to Davy Cooper for installing two extra speakers at the back of the room.   If you can’t hear now, then its your hearing aid that needs testing!

Also a word of warning to users of the sound system.  Go easy on the volume settings.  Its much more sensitive and if let rip, its likely to disturb people in Carrickfergus and Whitehead.

Whilst awaiting on our trainee, we took the opportunity to show Shirley’s first Audio Visual show called My Movie, and what a stunning effort it was too.  There was a lovely variety of brightly coloured images including her winning entry in monochrome from last Friday night.  It really was good to see such a good standard on her first AV.

Jack arrived with an AV which he is working on, but not complete.  It was about a walk around the beautiful gardens of Mounstewart.   He did his own critique.

Not to be outdone, Julie submitted an AV based on shoreline photos taken recently on the North Coast.   What was eye- catching was the perfect registration of the shots which showed the big breakers hitting the rocks.  There was a sense of wave motion in the presentation.  Perhaps a shorter dissolve between the photo where the sea was breaking would really be realistic.  Nevertheless it was excellent.

Bill Cardwell show us a selection of his recent photos and gave us a great description of their locations.

Michael had a chat with me during the tea break, telling me that he had secured a large inkjet printer which should serve him well in his fine art work.  An opportunity was taken to take a couple of ID photos, and an apology to Stephen.  Sorry, I had printed Stanley on his ID card.  I’ll have  a new one for Friday.   I had Deborah and Angus’ ID cards but forgot to give them to them.

Angus brought along four prints and two sheets of mountboard.  As is the usual practice I talked hin through and actually measured and cut the first one.   One of the more difficult parts of mount cutting was to make best economical use of a single board.    Our aim was to get four mounts from one board which was bought from Easons in BAngor.

I reminded him of the adage, “Measure twice and cut once”    Indeed measure many times and cut once should be more like it.

Anyway after the first on, Angus competently cut the remaining three, which were of an odd ratio, resulting in prints from this camera phone.   Angus is now the proud owner of a new Canon DSLR.   I look forward to see what he can do with it.



Friday 24th June 2011 Clubnight

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Friday night was one of those evenings where we had no specifically planned activity.
With the arrival of so many new members and potential new members this season I thought I might show some of them how a mount, or matt is cut for a photograph using the mount cutting table in the clubroom.
A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across 3 photos taken of Trunk Bay in the island of St John, right next to St Thomas and Tortola.
These three were taken in landscape mode with approximately 1/3 of the frame overlap. When taken into Photoshop and merged as a panorama, the resultant image was outstanding and really represented the view as it actually was.
I resized it to fit a continuous roll feed of glossy paper on my Epson R2880 printer, and after a few misfeeds, managed to produce the print at 24.5″ x 8.25″.

The problem with roll papers, apart from the difficulty of initially feeding it into the printer, is, that when the image is printed the paper retains a semi-permanent curl. Even after lying flat for 2 weeks, it still wanted to curl.

Anyway, I thought this would be a useful image to try cutting a 3 aperture mount to create a triptyque.
In the clubroom I explained to a number of members what I was going to try to do and received a number of different opinions on how I should present the image from, keep it as one image, use two narrow dividers or use two broad dividers. after some debate we all seemed to agree that without cutting the image into three, too much of the image would be lost under the dividers.
So finally I cut it with one conventional window with a 2″ border all round.

Here is the unmounted photo.

Trunk Bay, St Johns, USVI

Whilst this was taking place, Mark Allen was busy showing Christine Pearson and others how easy it is to create a Pictures to Exe Audio Visual from her photos.

Finally, we looked and critiqued members photos supplied on memory sticks.

As usual the evening was not long enough for all we wanted to do and talk about.