Saturday 6th August 2011 – Summer Outing to Argory

The title of this is Summer Outing to Argory.  Excuse me.  Exactly where was Summer!!  Total washout.

Twelve forlorn souls and a baby braved the downpours and thunder and lightning in the name of photography.    Were we downhearted.  Heck, No.  After all photography is only part of it.  Its mainly about the coffee, tea, 4 varieties of scones (plain, fruit, cherry and date, for those who want to know) topped off with 3 types of home made jam, made of course by our own Mrs Hartley no less.

Some got transported like queens in a luxury Porche 4×4 including the special wave, whilst others followed.   Argory was easily found and no one went missing this time.

We really should have known what we were in for as the skies became heavier and blacker with telltale very wet portions of the road.   On we went.

After our picnic, we set off around the outside of the house and before we had gone 100 metres, the heavens opened.  By some good fortune, a marquee had been erected in the garden beside the house and we sheltered there, playing with macro lenses et al.  Someone commented that we could now get photos for our own version of Droppy, with the amount of rain washing over the side of the shelter.

This was a good opportunity to show our less experienced members some camera settings and their resultant exposures.

Cooperman heard the thunder and thought that it was a good idea to bounce his flash off the marquee roof, causing certain people to think we had lightning.   A few minutes later we had real lightning.  Julie braved the rain on her own during this so we await eagerly her photos next week.

During a short break in the rain, we got photos of the entrance and seats and foliage thereabouts.   I returned to the car with the intention of taking my wife, who was waiting in the car, for a tour of the house.  As it turned out only conducted tours without cameras was allowed and these took about an hour,  It also involved stair climbing and long periods of standing so we agreed to give it a miss.  Maybe we’ll return some day.

After our lunch, some of the others appeared and eagerly awaited to see what size of lunch Julie, Christine, Helen and Velia had brought.   I spotted the Sainsbury’s basket poorly disguised in the boot of a car.

The photos below again feature the handsome lunches enjoyed by some.  As I said, photography was only a side issue on this outing.

We decided to abandon the onward trip to Ardress and head home.  Amazingly, the weather in Bangor was bright with some actual sunshine!!

Below are two photos, one of the picnics some enjoyed, the other of the entire group.  Photo taken by Alan’s wife, Helen.

Roll on Wednesday till we see some of the photos.

Our Lunches

The brave ones

The Brave Ones

Friday 1st July 2011 – Clubnight

Once again, we had a good turnout.

Kevin brought his Nikon in for a more rigorous sensor clean.  Last weeks effort with the Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly couldn’t remove the crud on the sensor, so I brought along my illuminate Loupe magnifier , some Eclipse sensor cleaning fluid and pec-pads.  Unfortunately I forgot my tiny spatula to wrap the pec-pad around.   After a bit of head scratching I cut out a custom sized spatula from some offcuts of mounting board and wrapped the pec-pad around that.  Just two little drops on the pad are needed.

Kevin took off the lens and from the Nikon menu, operated the mirror lockup. A word of warning here.  Don’t embark on this process without a fully charged battery.

A steady single light wipe with minimal pressure was all that was needed.   Too much fluid and the sensor would be soaked.   Being alcohol based, it soon evaporated.  A quick look in the Loupe and it was like new.   Camera was then switched off and lens refitted.  Job done.

As usual a number of memory sticks appeared on the computer desk containing photographs for critique.   It was good to see a new member, Mike, submitting some of his.

A reminder was given about the arrangement for Saturday’s outing to Benburb with Sean Barden.   I overlooked Eddies request to demonstrate the Vibrance control in Camera Raw, and he had buzzed off home early so it will have to wait until Wednesday.



Saturday outing to Benburb – 2nd July 2011

What a terrific turnout on Saturday. We met at the Clubroom as usual at 9.00am and shared cars. Davy Cooper and Peter Gibson shared my car while Julie, Christine Shared with Helen.

Just a wee snack

The plan was to meet at the Museum in Armagh with Sean Barden and some members of the Armagh club.
Some went direct through Portadown but Helens group and my group opted to go via Junction 14 and ended up in a roadworks diversion. We found Helen asking directions en route and she fell in behind us, but somehow they fell back. (No, I was not speeding as accused later!!)
We waited for the lost souls to meet up then proceeded in convoy to Mayo Bridge car park where we enjoyed our customary scones, jam tea and coffee provided by Sean.
We dandered through the undergrowth shooting this and that and at the river and weir, I was invited by the local houseowner to come onto his property for better views of the weir.

After stopping for lunch at the village of Benburb, several of us took the opportunity to take some shots inside a small pottery and a basket weaving shop. While we were doing that Christine and Helen struggled to eat the contents of a huge picnic basket which they brought.

Onwards to Benburb Mill. Here, we had access to the storage of dozens of old looms and to the main engine room. Interesting photos were taken in the old storage rooms of junk? and old machine tools.

This was one of the many memorable outings which serve the purpose of a photo shoot, educational session and social meeting.

No doubt we will see many memory sticks full of photos next Wednesday and Friday, from the day.

Wednesday 29th June 2011 Clubnight

Wednesday night was a particularly well attended evening with the house nearly full.

Mark Allen showed us his Audio Visual of his recent trip to Alaska and the Rockies. As usual, the photos were of outstanding quality.
Nigel Snell was one of those attending last Saturdays outing to a Landrover gig and his Audio Visual slideshow showed amazing shots of 4 wheeled Landrovers either stuck in mud or extricating themselves and coming over the hill to hit the photographer.
New member, Angus Gardiner had borrowed Harry Watson’s 400D for the day and brought back some very good photos of the event.
The techniques involved in animation in Pictures to Exe presentations and resizing to 1920 x 1050 HD (16:9) were demonstrated by Mark Allen.

As usual a stack of memory sticks built up from those present with photos for critique.
At the beginning and end of the evening I helped a couple of people remove sensor dust from the camera sensors using both wet and dry methods.

Members were reminded of the next outing next Saturday 2nd July to Benburb with Sean Barten.

Saturday outing to Glenariff – Saturday 4th June 2011

Although I was not able (allowed) to go because of wallpapering duties, Deborah Carvill has kindly sent me some photos of the group attending this outing.

From the feedback both verbally and via Facebook, and indeed a thank-you note from the Secretary of the Armagh Photography Club (shown below) , it was a real success.

Bangor Club and Armagh Club members

Glenariff Outing 4th June 2011


Dear Nigel ,
On behalf of those members from Armagh Photography Club who attended the outing on Saturday in Glenariff can I thank you and your club for their hospitality. We had a great day out with wonderful weather and outstanding scenery. Our club looks forward to returning the favour in the very near future with a trip to Armagh.
Kind regards
Seán Toner
Armagh Photography Club