Wednesday 8th February 2012 – Clubnight – Studio

On the second Wednesday night of the month we try to hold a studio night to give club members experience of working in a studio environment and understanding the use of their camera  on Manual settings.

From the experience of the previous studio night when a crowd turned up expecting a ‘model’, expectations were moderated a bit for tonight.  However it was decided to split the room into two sessions.  One session using full studio lighting and backdrops and the other using a Light Tent (Light Cube) which can be purchased on eBay for around £12 or with lights for around £24.   I also set up a shoot through umbrella on a stand with a Canon 580EXII Speedlight with a wireless trigger.   Umbrellas, stands, brackets and triggers can also found on eBay at reasonable prices. Continue reading

Sunday 4th December 2011 – New link to Flash Photography Exposure Basics

Go to our Photo Resources page.  A new video link has been added.

Flash photography is a skill not many try to master. Its like people just don’t want to learn it and just muddle through with their camera and flash on auto. I’m here to tell you: its super easy!!! The basics of flash exposure: Shutter speed affects ambient light only ISO and aperture affect ambient light AND flash Flash distance, power, and modifiers all change its output. Continue reading