Friday 18th January 2013 – Annual Audio Visual Evening

In the olden days, before the advent of digital photography holiday snaps were either pasted into an album or left to moulder in the dark confines of a forgotten drawer. Modern technology nowadays affords a choice of ways to preserve ones precious images. On Friday night the members of Bangor and North Down explored one such method – Audio-Visual presentations .

Various software packages have made it easy for even the beginners to gather their images and present them in an attractive display complete with musical backing and even a voice-over commentary if required. Quite a few first time efforts were on view along with those of the more experienced practitioners  and the themes were as varied as holiday snaps and natural history.

Alan Field offered some memories of a recent adventure in the Amazon while Alan Hartley demonstrated his landscape skills with a collection from the Scottish Highlands. Chairman Harry Watson recalled his days in South Africa with visual memories of photographic safaris  and David Roberts  revived pleasant memories of holiday cruises in a dramatic portrayal of the ice shows.

For an encore David showed sights of St Thomas and San Juan captured on a recent  Caribbean holiday.  After Noel Maitland’s take on the beauty of New Zealand’s scenery, Helen Fettus reminded everyone of the sights nearer home by concentrating on the landmarks of Belfast. Jack Thompson delighted the audience with a guided walk around Ballymacormick Point , enhanced by an engaging commentary.

Tenerife was Peter Gibson’s choice of subject while Shirley Graham exhibited a couple of presentations, one of which was completed as an exercise on how to make an A.V. from 100 images in thirty minutes. Christine Pearson meanwhile had her tongue firmly in her cheek when she screened a short, very funny homage to the club’s Ladies’ Night.

Mark Allen is currently running a class for beginners in the medium and it is hoped to introduce a new club competition in the near future. As an example he showed an example of his work which has won awards in the past.

John Bennett


Friday 2nd September 2011 – Clubnight

As befits the start of any new term there was a distinct air of anticipation around the shoreside premises of Bangor and North Down Camera Club for the first meeting of the new season. Greetings and gossip gave way to discussions about new equipment purchased or new software investigated and soon the members had slipped effortlessly back into photo-mode for the business of the evening.

The Chairman, Nigel Snell welcomed everyone ,especially some new members (some of whom had been drawn by the images on display in the annual exhibition at The Flagship Centre. Others had been attending the informal gatherings on Wednesdays and Fridays during the “off-season”.)  As has become traditional over the past few years the first night was reserved for a showing of the Audio-visual displays of the members’ holidays. Hardly surprisingly the images on show covered a very wide spectrum of interests and geographical areas – from Switzerland to Newtownards and from Vancouver to Ballyholme. The local interest was provided by Jack Thompson’s natural history slides taken between Bangor and Groomsport ; David McVeigh focused on some derelict buildings in Newtownards while Alan Hartley and Davy Cooper produced thoughtful records of club summer visits to Benburb and The Argory.

On the theme of transport Drew McAvoy’s presentation was a fast moving depiction of motor-sport while Noel Maitland opted for the slightly less hectic but perhaps more graceful environs of the River Shannon for a boat rally. The railway journey to the summit of Snowdon captured the imagination of Lawrence Henderson ; Jane Richardson brought back memories of a trip to the Swiss Alps and Gerry Coe invoked the sound and sights of flamenco and Spanish sunshine with his Iberian adventure.  France was the magnet for Nigel Snell ; his long lens captured some fine flora and fauna. For others it was carnival time. Peter Gibson followed the music and fun in Tenerife (he doubled up with a look at the joys of summer in Tuscany) while Hugh Rooney investigated the esoteric masks favoured by the partygoers in Venice. Bill Cardwell enjoyed the delights of Vancouver and shared them with an appreciative audience.

The club continues to meet every Friday evening with informal gathering each Wednesday at eight o’clock. Anyone interested in photography will find a warm welcome at the clubroom which is situated at the junction of Ward Avenue and Seacliff Road.

John Bennett