Saturday 1st June 2013 – Outing to Ulster Aviation Society

Saturday 1st June saw the second outing in the BNDCC 2013 Summer calendar.

A smaller but not less enthusiastic group of 15 members gathered to visit The Ulster Aviation Society at RAF Long Kesh. The group met in the societies home, a WWII hangar which was the perfect setting for a wonderfully eclectic collection of Aircraft associated with Northern Ireland heritage. One of the pinnacles in the heart of the aviation industry.

After tea and scones, arranged and supplied by Jack (whom I will take this moment now, to thank once again, for a refreshing start for our day ahead). We were given an introduction to the society and a few H&S rules. The group was split into 3 smaller groups of 5 members and headed off in different direction, to discover all the exhibits and displays contained in a historical but working environment.

The dedication and commitment from the U.A.S. members was self-evident and abundant. The restoration process for each plane explained with enthusiastic admiration to his fellow members and made sure those members were pointed out in recognition for their achievements, a passion that mirrors our own club in its dedication and endless talent it possesses. Continue reading