Wednesday 23rd November 2011

You may have heard that we have been having some chat about the format of Wednesday evenings. As the numbers increase it is hard to please everyone but we will aim to provide a balance between ‘photography software’ and ‘photography critique’. The consensus is that we spilt the evening into two parts – before and after the break. One of the sessions will be devoted to viewing members photos and offering feedback and the other will be about photography software.

We also like the idea of setting a ‘theme’ to encourage members to get out and take some photos! The theme for Wednesday 30th November is ‘within 200ft of your house’. Please bring a few of your photos on a usb memory stick, 10-15 is ideal, as this allows us the time to discuss each image.

Wednesday 23rd November 2011
Some members have asked me to cover the subject of composition. If members are interested I could cover one element of composition every week for 5 – 10 minutes. Starting with the basics and working up…
I suspect the members that went on our recent camera club day out will want to show their results. (Again 10-15 please).
All members are encourage to bring along a usb memory stick with some of their recent work. Beginners may want to include not only the photos that they think worked out well, but also those that for some reason didn’t.

On the software side there have been a number of requests to explain resizing for competitions, both prints and projected image. If you have something you want us to cover please let us know.